Mr. Bumble Bee and Me

>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr. Bumble Bee
Created by Yellowss

Hey there Mr. Bumble Bee, how are you today?

Do you enjoy sitting on that flower?

Where are all your friends? Don't they like to fly?
Where do you live?
Why are you so fuzzy?
Is yellow your favorite color?
Are you a boy, or a girl?

I Know I'm asking a lot of questions, but what's that behind you?


by David Lyne-Gordon

if i were a bumblebee and you a scented rose,
i'd invite myself to tea and nibble your toes.
i'd nibble you all over and make you squeak and trill,
lying in a bed of clover, keeping out the chill.
when morning came i'd serve you tea to keep you satisfied.
and make you feel you wanted to be with a bumblebee by your side.

Okay it's me now. This bumble bee would not leave me alone! I think he was first drawn to me by my new purple garden gloves and then just hung around for awhile. Head to toe. Total stalker! Hubby would have nothing of it when the bee tried to land on him. I guess for me I have a new garden friend.

I now debut my first video:

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