The (Sweet) Taste of Success

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

See that? That merlot lettuce, fancy green leaf lettuce (no idea what it's called or the variety but it sure is pretty!), and spinach all came from our garden. We grew that. As frustrating as the weather has been this year and the problems associated with gardening, especially as first time gardeners, we're really proud of our latest harvest.

These are OUR carrots. So wonderfully sweet and perfect looking. Those look that way after only a simple scrub. No peeling. Try to get carrots like that at any store.

The end result: a delicious homegrown salad. Okay, not all the ingredients here are homegrown obviously. I'm just so amazed at how wonderfully tasty this salad was. It was infused with love and life that is indescribable. And with the added finishing touches to the salad it was worthy for royalty. Me. Z:-D

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