So Far So Good

>> Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A couple of you have asked me how I'm doing on the challenge so far. Well, since this gives me a chance to talk about myself (b/c I never do - ha ha!) I'd like to share with you all on how I'm doing.

As the title states, so far so good! We're on day six of the Raw Fu challenge and am still going strong at 100% raw vegan. I feel great, nothing significant to note except that I have lost 3.5 pounds so far (bye-bye!). My first weight goal is within reach.

I should point out that I started cleaning out my closet and getting rid of clothes that just plain ol' don't fit anymore. You know how sometimes you can get away with wearing some of the bigger clothes but not so much anymore. It felt really good to get rid of clothes, just like with the microwave.

What is my deal?! :-D

My meals are still really simple so I'm sure that has helped a lot and I'm only having to be concerned about what I eat since hubby is juicing. So I've been eating a lot of fruit and avocados, which I know is a fruit also but I'm pointing out the fact that I've been eating plenty of those. Mmm...fat....I'll have to post about that separately.

The exercise challenge I have in place for myself isn't going as well. Whoops! I started off okay and then got lazy. I do count walking to and from my bus stop but that's not much (a combined mile and a half tops). I just need to get my rear in gear (budge the pudge!). It'll happen. In fact, the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow so we have lots o'stuff to move and I'll count that as exercise for sure.

Bike update: we picked up my not-so-shiny-and-new RED bicycle from my boss. It's definitely been around with some chipped paint here and there. I haven't ridden it yet but hubby took it out for a spin and found that some of the gears slip. I'll have to look into getting that thing tuned up possibly.

Tomorrow hubby and I are going to meet for the first time zee ladies from blogging and Raw Fu (Sara Beth, LolaBloom and Aimee) over at Chaco Canyon. I just hope that when we show up it doesn't turn out to be that all three are the same person, a hairy big guy named Gary. ha ha! Actually, I am looking forward to meeting them in person so this should be fun.

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