Review: Two for the Price of One

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have two reviews* to share with you today. Yay! First up, a dvd.

Recently, I was reminded of the movie Food, Inc. when reading Sarah's blog at Living the Fruity Life, which you can read her review here. Like she points out, the movie's message isn't about veganism/vegetarianism or raw foods but about where your food comes from and how it's grown. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I was upset, with tears welling up in my eyes at times, watching this. For those who are conscious about the where, why, what, how, read labels, etc. won't see many surprises or big revelations when watching this but it's still definitely worth seeing. One to share with others for sure. No doubt there will be naysayers who will view this as propaganda but I believe if those same people watched this film they'd think twice about their food, checking labels, etc. - I hope they do. What angers and saddens me most are the many people out there who have little choice in what they eat due to income. For many, it's cheaper to go to fast food or get the processed stuff than it is to get the healthy options and healthwise, they can't afford to NOT eat healthy but unfortunately can't. This is because crap food is subsidized; healthy food is not. I feel blessed that I have knowledge about my food and have choices about which foods I bring home but we still get crabby about having to pay more for produce than people pay for processed food. I mean seriously, can it get anymore messed up? I definitely recommend this film. Watch trailer here. Next up on our list of documentaries is King Corn. Anyone seen that?

Next review:

MmmmMorrocco.... ah.... that is Morrocco Method Int'l. I was fortunate to receive a sample pack by this company of various shampoos and conditioners. They smell so healthy and wonderful (my fave is the Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo). Earthy you could say but I only mean that in the best of ways. They do "warn" you to the fact that there is little to no-foam. It didn't foam for me. So at first, I wondered if I was using enough product and if I was getting all of my hair and scalp clean because I'm so used to bubbles (and lots of them). Let me back up a bit. I have a lot of hair. Lots of naturally curly hair (no, I'm not bragging and yes, my profile pic belies the truth) so it easily tangles and easily frizzes. I require lots of conditioner and not the light stuff either - my hair isn't dry (how could it be with all the conditioner I use anyway?!) but since it knots easily I use lots so as to not hurt myself when brushing. So please understand my skepticism at first use. But you know what? After that first rinse, I could immediately tell my hair was softer, not snarly. I went on to use some conditioner too; again, soft. Now, the true test: combing. My comb went thru my hair with little to no hesitation. Wow. That's rare and I was impressed. But since using this stuff, with or without conditioner, I have not had to fight with my comb. I sometimes use the spray-on conditioner but it's not usually needed. I will say after the first shampoo my hair was a little fluffier than normal and this is with conditioner but I haven't seemed to have that happen since. Because their products are organic, raw, vegan, and even gluten free, it's safe for everyone (including pets!). Love using products you don't have worry about allergens or rotten chemicals. For little YS2, this stuff foams and makes his baby hair fluffy. So cute! I did talk with one person about this product who used it when they first went raw and for them they liked it okay but it left their hair feeling dry. For me though, it's made my hair softer. Go figure. The only con I could possibly find would be the price. It is a bit steep however it's cleaner, safer, and better than anything else you'd find at the store. I'm curious about their henna products but that's for another time.

Remember, if you haven't entered my contest for an ice cream maker you better get on it! Contest ends this Sunday with the winner announced on Monday.

*I was not paid or asked to endorse any products mentioned.

P.S. Any English majors, teachers, and anyone else who knows better, PLEASE forgive me! Those are some lengthy paragraphs! And I'm sure there are plenty other mistakes. :)

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