>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updated: The girls over at Pure2Raw are having a giveaway! Yippee! Check it out.

Crazy days! I've had lots of things going on lately so as per my usual, I haven't been writing a whole darn lot. :) I sure enjoy visiting many of my blog friends though. Always a treat.

Seeing/reading all of your blogs I AM SO EXCITED to get back into the kitchen and start whipping up some raw culinary delights! Currently, I'm not where I want to be with raw yet and since I'm nursing still I want to be careful with how I venture back into it. I also have a plan to do things differently to ensure success: i.e. menu planning, designated prep and D-days (dehydrating) and also storage (making extra of stuff to always have on hand).

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Today, I received my sample pack of The Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners and other fun goodies. If you're familiar with Kristen's Raw she did a review of the line here. And if you're not familiar with Kristen's Raw, WHY? :) Definitely worth your time. My review of the products to follow in the near future. Just have to remember low foam.

Our little bambino is growing and growing and on the move! He's nine months now and doing everything he should be at this time. He does an army crawl of sorts which is so cute because his little bum pops up in the air! He's trying to crawl on his knees which causes him to do that. And he says Mama too (among other things)! He's eating soft solids (has been for about three months now) and loves most things he tries (almond meal!). He especially loves squash topped off with spirulina. He's also a fan of Papa's smoothies. Check 'em out! Oh and the pics there are super cute too if I say so myself (wink!). He has four teefs! ha ha! Yeah, he's getting his chompers and is working on another pair. Oh and he laughs! He loves to laugh! And he's discovered his voice over the last few months and seems to only get louder. Such a boy. Okay, I could go on and on about him.

I'm here, I'm alive and working towards getting back into the swing of things but I've said that before - priorities right? I can't stay committed to many things these days (if you're friends with me on facebook or even twitter you'll notice I'm a little slow chiming in or just less active at times). I have been enjoying American Idol though - it's on after YS2 has gone down for nigh-nite. Don't have a favorite just yet and I have to say I like Ellen as a judge. What do you think? My other guilty pleasures that are coming on this week, Survivor and Amazing Race. Okay, enough. I'm out.

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