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>> Monday, April 2, 2012

You know how I love me some quotes! I love them so much I have Thoughtful Thursdays on the ol’ blog. My Pinterest board is FULL of faves. Some even make their way from Pinterest to Thoughtful Thursday. So I was excited to participate in today’s topic, Quotation Inspiration.

This quote is inspiring to me because of its simplicity. It says it all about how life really should be. Simple and to the point. Life isn't always that way because things do happen that are beyond our control but having this kind of reminder every day can really help keep things in perspective for things that we can control or to better handle the misfortunes.

Could you imagine if everyone in the world read this every.single.day. and actually took it to heart? Every day would be rainbows and unicorns! Okay, maybe not but it certainly would be sunnier.

As humans, we tend to make things more complicated than they really ought to be. But it’s what seems to happen as we get older and preoccupied with trivial matters. We’re always in a hurry, never have enough time and have too much to do, etc. Our health declines, tempers get shorter, grass is always greener elsewhere…

I love inspiring quotes but the ones that get to the heart of the matter I appreciate most. I'm generally a happy person but like anyone, I get frustrated and tired and cranky and forget that most of the things I'm worked up over are really small things. Life is to be enjoyed...lived.

When I remember these things, my life is smoother, happier, and more harmonious. Even if things go wrong, because they do and will, I’ve got more bandwidth to handle them or can simply brush them off.

Now, don’t forget…smile and enjoy life!

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