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>> Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11: I’m skipping today’s suggested prompt and going with another. Today’s original prompt was a theme song. It stumped me so I’m moving on…although, Sam suggested the theme song to Benny Hill for me. Hahahaha! It’s the perfect music for me when I’m out for a walk with YS2 and trying to keep up with him on his bike. Picture it…with the music. I’m going to laugh every time I’m out with him now.

And good grief! This is my 3rd blog post today. Egads! Sorry, folks! I know you're not used to such activity (nor am I) but I appreciate you hanging in there.



What is the kindest act you have witnessed in recent memory? Was it a random act of kindness or a moment between loved ones? How did it affect you?

Hopefully you saw the video I posted earlier; to me it was a wonderful display of human kindness. Sure, you could say the man behind the video used this opportunity to share the little boy’s fun cardboard arcade to inflate his own ego, to create his own moment of fame but I actually don’t think so (or if he did, I don't care). I looked at it as an opportunity to bring this little boy joy and how it got others to join in. Having one customer was enough to make him go over the moon but to have a band of kind strangers come and support his endeavor was beyond words to me.

Sometimes it’s those things, big or small, that can truly make a difference in one’s life. How it will shape this young boy’s life is yet to be seen but I think he will go on to do great things. And pay it forward.

That’s what I love about random acts of kindness. It has a way of paying it forward. Do you ever notice that?


But for me, in my personal life, I just turn to my two-year old. He’s so full of joy and love and a pure heart that I’ve been inspired by him. I’ve learned so much. He’s always doing random acts of kindness.

Take his beloved mango (or strawberries). He will happily eat it all by himself but it’s not uncommon for him to share with me or to get down from his chair and go running in to our office to give some to his papa. He wants to share what he loves because it makes him happy.

I’ve seen him do this with kids at play areas where he will give them toys so they feel happy and included. This is kind of a big deal because he’s typically reserved.

The other day he told me about playing at the playground and that he let the other kids go first. And then today, he was helping papa at the garden and was telling him “good job!” He’s quite supportive in nature too.

Having a young child has reminded me how simple random acts of kindness can be. And they don’t have to be huge or costly. My neighbor at work (girl who works at another firm on my floor) always stops by to offer to pick up or drop off my mail. She doesn’t have to but she does because she’s incredibly thoughtful and kind (she’s offered to help me with other things too).

Of course, there's the blog/online world, too. Yes, there are plenty of snarky people out there who hide behind their computers and leave nasty comments or send unkind emails (they need more love!). However, I know for a fact there are many others (many of you, I know) who are truly kind-hearted. I mean the other day, YS2 was the lucky recipient of an unexpected lovely gift. The love and support within our community is amazing! I love being a part of it and witnessing it wherever I go.

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