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>> Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16 of HAWMC/WEGO Health. Today’s exercise or challenge is to create a pinboard for my health focus and pin three things. Easy! Except, I pinned four things because I’m a rebel that way.

The first image I think is self-explanatory. I was blessed with a healthy body. It’s not perfect and it never will be but I have a responsibility to myself and my family to take care of it best I can. I don’t want to wake up one day and say, “I wish I did…”

Walking: this is my current form of exercise. Not bad at all I say! I don’t have to be a marathon runner or be able to lift 350 pounds to be considered healthy and/or fit. Walking is enjoyable and something I don’t have to think about as exercise. Plus, it's free and eco-friendly. Going to a gym to workout isn’t my idea of a good time -- not to say I wouldn’t ever go or it doesn’t have its many benefits, it’s just not as fun to me as going for a walk in the great outdoors, granted the weather cooperates. Ha! Anyway, seeing this graphic reminds me I’m doing something good for my body.

This pic reminds me that a scale is just a number. We are bombarded by what the media deems as normal and attractive, fit and healthy. But, we know better right? Or need reminders every so often. Muscle weighs more than fat so in my quest to get healthy I do not need to concern myself what the scale says so much.

Now, I’m not a runner and tend to have a strong dislike for it. But there is a part of me that wants to like it. So, for my first 5K I don’t plan on running as this will be a family-affair. My goal, based on this helpful plan, is to work up to running in a 5K someday and see if I will like it. I’m all about baby steps and this seems like something I could handle.

So there you go…my health focus pinboard. I’m working at doing my best each day and so far, I’ve been doing great and feeling good. Walking wasn’t difficult to start but I can really tell I’ve improved which is motivating me to keep going.

maybe this should read: keep GOING!

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