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>> Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow, I made it to day 15 of my writing challenge! And it's tax day! Well, technically, this year it's April 17th. We finally did our taxes this week. Not sure what took us so long but whatever, they're done. Always glad when we get some money back.

Anyway, today's topic: my writing style. An interesting topic and not one I've ever thought much of until now.

I think of my style as pretty casual, easy going and happy. I don't like to be negative so I try to be more upbeat and positive with my content. Also, I try to follow the proper grammar and punctuation rules but I'm not strict about them either, in case that wasn't obvious. I know I've had my fair share of sloppy writing but I try to proof before publishing. The exception was my ramble post (thanks for your support on that, btw). Grammar and punctuation aren't as important to me as spelling. When it comes to texting and comments though, not so much but in my posts I want to have correct spelling. Not perfect there either but definitely try harder over any other rules.

For the most part, words flow. Since I typically don't blog everyday it's easy for me to sit down when I want and write what's on my mind or I have topics already in mind. Sometimes I'll have lots of topics in mind that I need to write them down in a list. I carry a little notebook with me for such cases or use a note app on my phone. Thankfully, for this challenge I was provided with prompts (which we don't have to use) otherwise, I would be stuck thinking of something everyday.

Most of the time, I type my posts out in Word. I'll get most of it written out how I like it then copy and paste it into blogger. Then I add in the various links and pics. Of course, this is where a lot more editing happens. On occasion, like right now, I'll just jump right into blogger and start typing. It's rare I'd ever handwrite a blog post beforehand. Not sure that's ever happened.

I sometimes plan posts but my more normal style is to write in the moment. If I have a lot of topics in mind I'll get a jump on them and plan them out. I started this challenge writing posts in advance but then they caught up and now I'm in the moment.

As for title first or last...well, that depends. Sometimes, I just need to start writing before thinking about the title and then other times, I try to get creative with the title and go from there. It's happened many times before where I have completely forgotten the title altogether or add it after I've hit publish.

Where do I write best? Well, I guess right here at my desk. I tend to stay more focused. Or I just feel most comfortable.

Well, there you go. The behind the scenes look at how I write posts. It was interesting to think about it, anyway.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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