Spring: lots of pics!

>> Monday, April 2, 2012

a bit of spring and happiness in our car -- it moves and is solar powered

Ah spring! It’s here and that makes me so happy. It’s still cold and damp here but we’re sure to take full advantage when the sun comes out so, of course, I took many pics on our walks or trips to parks.

But first, I finally made a trip to our local raw vegan store. It’s local in that’s in the next town to mine, however, it’s in the boonies of said neighboring town. And now, they’ve sold their store to another raw foodie who will move the store even further out in the boonies of the next neighboring town. I doubt I’ll be making the trek out there so online shopping or random finds nearby from now on. Bummer. Anyway, I went there on their last day open before moving.

This pic doesn’t show everything I bought, in fact, I have a better pic with more items included but couldn't resist this one because it shows someone’s paws sneaking in…ha ha!

Now onto spring…I’ll warn you, this will be a picture-heavy post so sit back and enjoy!

off and biking!

love this tree...maybe fairies live here...

looking for fairies

love moss covered trees

pretty umbrella tree

a lovely cascade of beauty!

this tree is cool and creepy...I've got close ups but they're even more creepy!

love seeing these blossoms in the middle of bare trees

love the little blue flowers surrounding the tree stump

I took several of these pics of the sky and these unusual cloud formations. When I showed Sam he said those aren't good! Those are earthquake clouds! Huh??? Turns out he was right. Around the time I had taken these photos we had had a 3.9 earthquake! We didn't feel it though...

Hope you enjoyed. And in case you didn't notice, I actually took my REAL camera along for our little outings. Much better than my cell phone.

Another WEGO Health post tomorrow; you can read today's here. I'm keeping up with the challenge so far!

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