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>> Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’m sure we’ve all had bad experiences or challenges with a variety of hair styling products. Some stink or are way too fragrant, some flake, some goop, some make your hair crunchy or sticky or sometimes, it’s completely immovable.

And this includes men’s hair products. It’s not just women who deal with this stuff. A lot of guys these days spike their hair or try to keep each strand in place. Even some kids use hair products.

YS2 is a bit young for hair products but we have used some a time or two to make it a bit more manageable. Of course, he only gets the best stuff if we do. J

Unfortunately, many commercial products are made with some very toxic ingredients all in an effort to make your hair do whatever it is you want it to do. Ingredients including:
  • Silicone and acetate, they coat your hair which leads to bacteria and clogged pores and make it difficult for new hair to grow. Plastics, including phthalates, causes hyperactivity in children, birth defects, damages reproductive systems, liver, kidneys…list goes on.
  • Many men’s hair products contain Disodium EDTA, which is a penetration enhancer. Makes it easier for other chemicals to penetrate the skin. It’s a carcinogen and harmful if inhaled.
  • Synthetic fragrances. Many are carcinogenic, causing brain damage.
  • Phenoxyethanol is a preservative but is a known skin irritant that can also cause birth defects. It’s harmful to wildlife and to the environment.  Affects the brain and nervous system.
  • Propylparaben is an estrogen mimicker, affects the reproductive system and other organs.
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These are just some of the ingredients commonly found in commercial hair styling products.

Morrocco Method (I love them!) has created their whole hair care line, including styling products, to be free of these and other harmful toxins so they are safe to use on my bambino’s precious head.

So throw out the old, harmful stuff and stock up on the earth-, animal-, and baby-friendly products from MorroccoMethod.

I  still love the Styling Dragon pomade, which has been great for my hair. They also have other types of styling products such as gels and sprays. Soon, they will be introducing a new styling product, Spike It Dragon Pomade, which will allow for a stronger hold on your hair, but again, without all the toxic ingredients.

MMI and I have worked together before on a few giveaways and we're teaming up again with another. Lucky you!

But first, they are hosting their own giveaway for one of their styling products, which you can read the details on The Hair Shaman blog or see here for other contests happening or check out their facebook page. Enter it soon as is ends on 4/20/12.

Now, they are sponsoring a giveaway here for one of my readers! Yippee! Prize will also be a styling product of choice.

Increase your chances of winning by entering both!

For HiHoRosie readers, just enter by way of Rafflecopter below (hit ‘view comments’ if not displayed) to get started. My giveaway will also end on 4/20. Open to everyone in the world!

Good luck to you all!

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