WEGO Health: Day 20

>> Friday, April 20, 2012

Today’s WEGO Health writing challenge prompt is writing a news-style article on a miracle cure. I don’t think I’d be good at this one because I’d want a miracle cure for everything and everyone.  It’s hard to be selective with something like this, although, I do have some things in mind…

So I’m skipping today’s prompt (because I can) and doing a post that I’d like to share instead. A Heidi-style post to put it simply. A post where I ramble on about this and that from the week and pics I’d like to share (even if they’re not the best; some of you might’ve seen these via twitter or instagram). It’s how I roll.

So, here we go.

In six 13 days (I am such a dork! I skipped a whole week that I thought Caleb's birthday was next week but it's the week after...my mind...where did it go?), my little munchkin will be THREE! I’m sitting here crying thinking about it. Where has the time gone?! Seriously. Sigh…I love him so much and it truly has been a dream every.single.day with him. But I want to tell him to stop growing so fast!

Look at those curls…can you believe we’re considering cutting them?! He’s never had a haircut except for a bang trim here and there (baby mullet in the works – tee hee) but we’ve purposely waited till now to get his first-official haircut. While we haven’t done it yet, we’re thinking it’s time and I’m nervous because I heart those curls so much.

And as you can see, YS2 and I are still walking in the ‘hood. Spotting lovely things here and there such as this trio of turtles. There were more swimming in the water or hanging out on other branches.

And I love magnolia trees. Dogwoods, too, but here’s a magnolia warming up.

I just learned yesterday that the other 5K I was interested in entering but was sold out has some spots opening up starting next week. As soon as registration opens again, I’m on it! I’ll keep you posted.

Eating has been good this week with yummy green superfood smoothies and delicious, yet simple lunches via my tiffin.

green and brown makes for an ugly-looking smoothie

I didn't have any clean mason jars so I drank this straight from the carafe. This smoothie gave me some much needed energy! It had fresh kale (just a few leaves w/stems), spirulina, cacao, my beloved peanut butter, coconut butter, maca, mesquite, coconut milk, ½ a vanilla bean, a few almonds and sacha inchi seeds and bananas. A mostly raw smoothie.

Lunches usually consist of salad and/or fresh fruit with a sandwich (typically peanut butter because I love pb and I’m still a kid sometimes) or salsa and beans and chips (I could eat that just about everyday). Yum!

That little jar with the white lid is my salad dressing. Don’t like soggy greens.

Now, mentally I’m feeling a little ambitious about making some raw food this weekend in the dehydrator. Something fun and tasty I hope. Need some new snacks and such for the week. Let's hope physically I will follow through.

Earth Day is Sunday and blogger isn't letting me preview this post. I'm about to hit publish so I hope it's okay.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! We’ve had rain off and on all week but they’re saying nice weather this weekend. I’ll take that. I just hope they’re right!

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