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>> Thursday, April 19, 2012

I’m keeping this simple today so here’s my list:
  1. Sam, my husband. What can I say? He’s my best friend so of course I want him there!
  2. Caleb, my son. He’s great and fun company.
  3. Joel, my brother. I haven’t seen him in a while (he lives in another state) and I miss him. He laughs at everything!
  4. My great aunt Hulda. She died many years ago but she was a wonderful, thoughtful woman and was more like a grandma to me (I grew up without g’parents).
  5. Albert Einstein. I used to have his pic in my high school locker. Ha ha! Such a nerd.
I thought about splitting this out into various groups of people I’d love to dine with, such as loved ones (replace Albert on my list above), the famous or notables, the bloggers, and so on. But simplicity rules today.

The end. J

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