WEGO Health: Dear 16-Yr Old Me

>> Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear 16-year old Self:

Wow. Sixteen…so young, carefree, mischievous, full of life and fun. Right now, you believe you know it all (or know all that is necessary) and don’t have much of a care in the world except your own. I don’t mean to sound as though I think you’re selfish but your world is all that you know and love right now. But there’s so much yet to be explored! So much at your fingertips, you have no idea.

So who am I, an older version of you, to come into your world and talk to you?! Well, it’s because I love you. I know things that happen along your way. Nothing horrible. Just life. You’ve been blessed and are blessed in so many ways, even in ways I’m unaware. You have a good family, with parents who mean well and are doing their best for you. Be patient with them. I can say this now that I’m parent. I get it.

Hold yourself in high-esteem. Know your self-worth. Some don’t understand how good and wonderful you truly are (you even know this), how kind and honest you are but rise above and be strong. Be confident. We all experience self-doubt or think too much about what others think or have said but try to remember more about your importance here and the beauty within, some of which is yet to be discovered. Defend yourself when you should and don’t be afraid to speak up. Know that you are doing the right things.

Be kind and understanding of those who are different from you. We’re really not all that different from one another when you think about it. Try not to be judgmental or gossipy but remember we all need love and sometimes a smile or a hello are all that will make a difference. You know, do unto others…You will learn this as you grow but think about it now.

You’re mischievous but not a bad kid in the least. Again, not everyone understands this but keep those mischievous moments in check and focus on school a little bit more. Maybe actually study for a test?? :)

You have good, supportive friends. Tell them. And keep making good choices with your friends. For the most part you are strong and not always easily swayed but be stronger sometimes. You have a wonderful attribute of being loyal but know when it's time to change courses or friends. Some friends will only be in your life for a moment and others for a lifetime.

Experience life as much as you can! Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Like I said, there’s so much before you, so many opportunities to learn, to grow, to find your passions and to make new friends that you should get involved in everything YOU want/can and not what’s expected by others. Live YOUR life, not someone else’s. Do what you want; not in a rebellious manner but because you’re learning what is best and are taking control of your life.

Eat healthy, exercise…or find a sport you enjoy, like volleyball. I know it’s the norm to eat less than healthy with your peers and friends. You’re not cool otherwise. But come on! Doritos and coke for lunch or an ice cream sandwich or apple fritters and fast food are horrible choices. And please, don’t eat because you’re bored. That’s the worst! Enjoy your youth but think about the future. Trying to “fix” things later on is much more of challenge than when you’re young. I will say this: I am so glad you don’t smoke or drink. See? You’re a good kid.

Continue to be the upbeat, friendly girl people know you to be. You’ll always be young at heart. I love you.

Your Older and Wiser Self

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