Product Review: Morrocco Method Pomade

>> Friday, January 6, 2012

Recently, Morrocco Method contacted me asking if I’d like to sample one of their products.

Now, if you don’t know MMI, they are a fair-trade, cruelty-free company who specializes in chemical-free hair and skin products, many of which are raw and vegan. Get all that? Basically, they’re an awesome company who cares about your needs…and the environment…and fair trade…and animals. :) You can read more about them on their website.

So yeah, when they offered of course I said yes. I’ve reviewed their shampoo before, which I love! They have many other products I’d want to check out like their henna but I don’t want to do it myself -- it’s kinda difficult to work with in my past experience.

Anyway, MMI sent me a jar of their new product, Styling Dragon Pomade. As you know, my hair is my challenge so any help I can get is great.

I wasn’t sure how to use this when I first got it. On wet hair? Damp hair? Dry hair? So I experimented in all ways. I used it when wearing my hair curly and when I blew it out. Basically, no matter how I used it, it helped my hair with frizzies, control and smoothing things out. I’m sure it helps with shaping if I knew how to do that or had short hair.

And with it being chemical-free, I didn’t have to worry about it flaking in my hair (I hate that!) or clumping or being crunchy. Don’t you hate crunchy hair?

The Styling Dragon Pomade contains beeswax for those needing to know.

It comes in a 4-ounce jar and is priced at $29. Sure, a little more than other pomades but this is waaay better for your hair and will last a long time (only need a dime size to use). Worth a look.

Check out Morrocco Method’s website for other interesting, natural, and holistic products for your hair, face, body, kids or pets.

Disclosure: MMI sent me a full-size jar of mentioned product for review purposes only. I was in no way influenced, paid or obligated to write a favorable review but just be honest and share my thoughts if I wanted.

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