DIY: Makeup Brush Cleaner

>> Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey-ho! In an effort to be a little more green and live a little more healthy, I've been doing a few DIY projects that I'd like to share with you over the next week or so.

Many of my inspirations were found via Pinterest (what can't be found there?!) and I even created a board for such ideas. None are new; no doubt, you've seen, heard or even used one or more of these ideas. I decided to give some a try in my home instead of saying what a cool idea. I'm putting it in action!

First up, makeup brushes.

My source.

I don't know about you, but my makeup brushes do not get cleaned often. I think I've washed them twice...and not recently. Frankly, I don't think much about them until I go to use them. So I put it at the top of my DIY-to-do list.

ignore the q-tip

Tipnut lists 7 different recipes to choose from. I went with option #3: one cup warm water mixed with one teaspoon castile soap.

I filled a small jar and stuck a few brushes in to clean. Um, gross. The water instantly changed to a murky pink (blush brush). I have a lot of brushes so I did this process a few times starting with a fresh batch of solution (other gross colors appeared).

After all were washed and rinsed, I shook off the excess water and placed them in the jar I had been using (cleaned out of course) to completely air dry. I'm sure I'm supposed to lay them flat to be proper or something but nah, this way is just fine with me.

I feel better now that they're clean! So simple and only two ingredients. Doesn't cost much and with the different options, you could find one that you like best. No need to buy the pricey, chemically stuff.

I'll have another DIY to share with you soon.

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