>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Many of you have probably heard or read about Paula Deen, Food Network star and lover of all things with butter and oil, has type-2 diabetes. She's actually had it for at least three years but is now confirming the diagnosis publicly (it was previously rumored). Sad to say, this doesn't come as a surprise to me.

Let me say, I like Paula Deen. She's fun to watch, has an infectious laugh and seems genuinely happy in life. She loves her boys too!

I'm just sad to hear that she has no intention of changing how she cooks on TV (source). Hopefully, her own diet has changed...Anyway, to me, this would've been a great opportunity to show her loyal fans that healthy eating can reverse this diagnosis without the aid of medication and that healthy food isn't boring or bland.

I think the thing that bothers me is her saying, "moderation." That she tells her viewers to eat in moderation but her shows do not show moderation. I think each show features at least a pound of butter and it's not even a holiday! Granted, one has to take responsibility for their own health and make good choices but I believe she has a responsibility in the message she's sending out. She's a huge personality with a huge following.

Shoot, I'm even crabby about Jamie Oliver having one of the unhealthiest cookbooks (source) out there while promoting healthy menus in schools, etc. Something's wrong here. (I am still supportive of his foundation though, just wish it would carry over into his cookbooks. I mean, it just makes sense...)

Okay, we're not all perfect and it bothers me that I'm being so critical but it's just frustrating when there are these mixed messages being thrown about with little intention of correcting it.

However, I am glad that Paula's son, Bobby, is featuring her recipes on his show with a healthier twist. It's a step in the right direction. I just hope there can be more focus on healthy eating and lifestyle in general. One doesn't have to be raw or vegan for that matter, to make some positive changes.

Now, I'm off to exercise and eat an apple so I don't come across as a total hypocrite. ;)

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