>> Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully, the weekend has been great for you. They’re never long enough though, huh?

So all last week, I worked from home due to the snow. You probably saw it on your news (sorry about that -- our snow made your news, believe me, it was on here too. All. The. Time.) and Californians made fun of us. Silly. In our defense, we're not equipped for much snow nor are we used to much snow. We get occasional snow in the city but not often do we get amounts equal to other winter wonderlands like we experienced last week (at our house, we got about 8 or more inches). This stuff is for the mountains! We don't have a fleet or two of snowplows at our disposal to help us get around and we have lots and lots of hills. However, most Seattleites cannot drive in the snow even when there's a little bit so you can imagine the mess. And because I know this after living here long enough, I also realized I didn’t want to get stuck on the bus for hours while listening to the repetitive, annoying sound of chains hitting the asphalt so I opted to stay home. I'm pretty smart like that.

Fortunately, we have a good car with awesome snow tires and Sam, being a good driver, we weren't completely snow-bound.

Anyway, I was supposed to have jury duty all week but that was cancelled each day. It is/was supposed to last a week but I don't know what their definition of a week is. Monday through Friday or Tuesday to Tuesday (I was supposed to start Tuesday since Monday was a MLK day)? Guess I’ll soon find out, as I will be calling them tomorrow. Don’t want to get in trouble!

The last time I served, and actually sat on a jury, was over three years ago. I was in my first trimester with YS2. I thought about using him as my excuse to be excused but I didn't. Decided to properly fulfill my duty and ended up finding it to be an interesting experience so I'm glad I did it.

Going back to our snowy week, I took some pictures I thought I'd share. For those of you who are friends with me on facebook on my personal page, some might be repeats.

not many cars out...

snowy entrance

trekking thru snowy entrance

gotta have a snowy fence pic...

Someone with a sense of humor...

a real snow man

warming up at a cafe
Thanks for sharing our snow week with me. It was pretty while it lasted. It warmed up and rained finally so most of the snow has melted. Sad actually. It felt like we had a real winter. Next up: heavy winds and rain. Boring. ;)

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