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>> Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey guys! The holidays are fast approaching! Are you ready? Are you all done with your shopping or still have last minute things to buy? Thanks to hubs, I think I'm pretty much done. Fortunately, the list was simple - not many big ticket items on there like tv stands (I could use one actually) or laptops.

Hubs had to finish shopping and sending out packages (forget the cards this year folks, not enough time!) because as I mentioned before I've been sick. Um yeah, it only got worse. ;(

I woke up Thursday morning with this horrible cold oozing out of my eyes! SOOOOO GROSS! Conjunctivitis better known as pink eye. Lovely. Hot mess I tell ya. Nothing like waking up with a goopy eye that's swollen and red. I've never had it before so I wasn't quite sure what I was dealing with. Oh how I wish I had known...

I ended up having to cancel my eye appointment for that day to renew my contact lens prescription. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have appreciated me coming in and spreading my infection and also pretty sure it would've affected my exam.

So another day at home while still dealing with my common cold. Ah yes, the common cold which never seems so common when you're the one experiencing it. It seems to be the worst one ever. And for me, this one is. The last "worst one ever" was back when I was pregnant with YS2 in early 2009 and I remember my boss having the same cold (he's the one who shared) but because of our work schedule at the time both of us had to keep slaving away at the office while suffering. And being pregnant, I couldn't take anything. I just remember drinking lots of tea and sleeping as soon as I came home. Sorry but the 2010 cold is far worse.

After educating myself a bit on pink eye, I tried to keep hands away from the eyes (that's when it seems you need/want to touch them more doesn't it?) and washing my hands even more. I didn't want to spread it. I'd been paranoid already fearing I'd spread this cold to hubby and YS2 and now to add pink eye to the list. More lovely. I'm starting to panic a bit now.

On Friday, my left eye seemed to be on the mend. Not as swollen. No longer goopy. I'm thinking yay! This confidence was my downfall. Later in the day I noticed my right eye becoming more watery and possibly goopy. Great. I had spread the infection to both eyes now.

I started to really feel sorry for myself and began to cry. I had to isolate myself to ensure I'm not spreading this around. I didn't want Sam to get any of this stuff and I especially didn't want YS2 to get it. It would be far worse and more miserable for him. I had to take this one for the team. So far I have. I've been diligent about washing my hands and keeping YS2's hands away from my face too. Hubby has been awesome in doing everything for me and around the house and his immune system is working overtime. He's had to fight it and hopefully he has.

What's sad in all of this is since I seemed to be suffering from a viral infection of pink eye, there's nothing to be done. Just have to wait it out. Plus it's contagious for 7-10 days. Isn't that nice?

So anyway, to get me feeling better and to boost his immune system Sam made us a Vitamin-C Kapow! smoothie the other day. It had fresh oranges and kiwis, water and a banana. Blend it up and feel the POWER! Been having some fresh juices too and of course, lots and lots of tea.

I do seem to be on the mend now. But man, did this thing kick my butt. Not appreciated in the least but with all the craziness going on these days I'm not surprised. Just have to take better care of myself. Hope you all are taking good care of yourselves. This cold is truly the worst one ever and you don't want to find out the truth. Just take my word for it.

I still have other posts to share but I guess I had to get this last bit of feeling-sorry-for-myself out of my system. I think it's part of the healing. :)

Anyway, thanks for reading and for the many well wishes.


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