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>> Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello! Just wanted to say thanks again for the well wishes and healing thoughts. They truly helped and meant a lot to me. I'm not 100% yet (throat still hurts) but I'm way better than I was including no more pink eye.

Now that Christmas has passed, hopefully you survived :) Actually, I hope you were able to enjoy it and create wonderful memories.

Since last year at this time YS2 wasn’t very mobile, Christmas this year was a lot more fun and even challenging at times. Experiencing the holidays through his eyes was so fun and really made things more special. Everything was new and beautiful and exciting and well, just amazing. Nothing had to be elaborate or expensive or in mass quantity. And Santa is still some strange old guy.

Our tree this year was a “toddler tree.” Meaning, there were only lights, which kept getting yanked pulled off and a few ornaments hung on the top third of the tree out of reach of a 19 month old. So even though it was sparse, it was still the happiest and most amazing tree for our little guy. Every day he awed at it. The lights were a huge temptation (he heard lots of "no-no!" and "no touch!" and this mama got a little tired after awhile of fixing the lights). But seriously, this boy LOVES lights. We drove around many neighborhoods to look at lights. He would squeal every night when we turned on the outside lights. It’s like he couldn’t ever get enough of them. I love that!

Christmas morning was so fun to watch him walk into the living room, see the tree all lit up with lots of packages underneath. He was smiling and excited but didn’t quite know what to do or how to process it. We encouraged him to get up close and touch the shiny pretty packages.

When it comes to gifts I will say that being a kid, especially a wee-toddler, at Christmas time is the best. They’re easy to shop for and doesn’t take much to delight. I mean, YS2 is easily entertained by empty boxes and laundry baskets. Ha ha! It was fun helping him tear off the wrapping paper. He really started having fun once he got the hang of what to do. Yay for messes!

And of course, after everything was said and done he managed to find the best gift of all: a paper sack filled with the wrapping paper. Soon the contained mess was all over the living room floor but YS2 was happy.

Just can't believe it's over. I mean now New Year's is fast approaching. I am looking forward to a new year however. Maybe I'll even make some goals but we'll see. ;)

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