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>> Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm sick as a dog (what's with that saying anyway?) and don't feel like doing much of anything unless I have to. I know I owe a post to update you on our little road trip (it was just overnight so not THAT exciting but for YS2 it was!) but I don't have much desire/energy to focus the time on it just yet.

This all started Monday night, where I could feel the throat start to get sore. Not scratchy or tickle-y but sore from where you first start to swallow. Fortunately, it's not strep (I've had that twice in my life and it's HORRIBLE) and I don't think it's the flu unless you consider it a 24 hour flu that turns into a very, very nasty cold. Had a fever of 102+ and slept a lot the first day. But whatever this illness is, it truly sucks. Glad it's happening this week and not next week, though. It's weird being home sick from work for three days. So unlike me.

I just pray with fingers and toes crossed that my family doesn't get my germs. Especially, lil YS2. Too much for a little body to handle. We're taking some holistic preventative measures for him and making sure he gets extra rest so his immune system will remain strong.

Anyway, hope to report back soon and get caught up on blogs very soon.

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