>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The traveling blood bank was in my building yesterday and today. I thought about donating a pint of my good-enough-for-me blood but after what happened last time, I decided nope, not gonna. I didn't want another "I tried" sticker so the gallon pin has eluded me once again. Actually, I might have been able to donate with flying colors - although I thought that last time too - but I'm going to wait until possibly next time they come around to try. I need to improve my iron levels (future post on iron maybe??) and then go with confidence. Oh yeah.

Okay, this is super cool: today my boss and I were talking about a variety of stuff and I had mentioned how Sam goes to the garden on his bike almost daily to water and check on things I don't go because 1) it's too much gas to drive out there everyday and 2) I don't have a bike to tag along. He said you wanna bike? Me, uh yeah! It's his grown daughter's bike that's probably hardly been used (a mountain bike no less) that he was going to give to charity or to some random kid on the street. I guess I'm charity. :) Now, I have no idea what it looks like so I hope it's not lame but hey, it's free! I am actually very grateful for it. He's going to check it out for me to see if all's okay with it then I'll go pick it up. I can't wait!

I have a motto I'm going to adopt for the challenge that starts Friday:

"What the mind can imagine and believe the body can achieve"

Well, I got to get this body of mine moving. Time for exercise and projects to accomplish at home.

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