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>> Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love summer! It seems every chance we get we’re out in the sun or in the garden just enjoying life. Here in Seattle, there is beauty all around. You’ve heard of our rain. Everyone thinks it rains all the time (it doesn’t, maybe just half the year-ha ha!) but sometimes it’s just cloudy, which can be a drag. However, when the sun is shining you just can’t dispute how gorgeous it is here. It’s been so sunny lately I LOVE it! You won’t hear me complaining about the warmer temperatures either. I’d rather be hot than cold any day; I just love hot weather anyway and we don’t get it enough for me to complain. I will complain about my office building turning up the air conditioning way too high! Holey moley! I work in an icebox. Anyway, Sarabeth’s recent post reminded me of a picture I took recently of Mount Rainier while riding in the car. It’s the best I could do.

Summers = busy. I’m sure your summers are no different. Hubby and I try not to be chained to our computers too much but I find it hard sometimes and experience separation anxiety I think! This week we’ve been busy with work and a family wedding so I have a lot of catching up to do on all of your blogs. So if you’ve wondered where HiHoRosie has been and why she’s so quiet lately, well don’t worry, there’s always a reason. Just been here and there so I’ll be by very soon.

Summers also mean weddings (yay!). One of my nephews just got married! From my husband’s side of the family I have a bazillion nieces and nephews but from my side I have only two nephews – my sister’s two “boys” and it’s her youngest that just got hitched. My new niece and her sweet son are welcome additions to our family! They certainly fit right in. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome and me? Well, I cried. I always cry at weddings. Hubby was photographer. A handsome one too (wink). It was just great to be there and meet up with family I don’t get to see often enough.

So the burning question: was I raw? No. I was a naughty girl and had a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I did make sure my plate had plenty of raw fruits and vegetables (and yes, I ate them). Hubby was 100% good on that point.

I have some pictures I took at the wedding and reception but not sure yet if I will share; I want to get permission first before I do.

Of course, our summer this year also includes gardening. And lots of it. Due to rising gas prices (bleh) I don’t typically go out to the garden during the week. I leave that up to hubby who has a bike and can just peddle out there to water and whatnot. I’ll go help out on the weekends instead. Maybe by next summer I’ll have a kickin’ bike then the both of us can bike out there. That would be fun.

When at the garden yesterday we were just watering and chatting when another gardener, whom we hadn’t yet met, came up to us and offered us this gorgeous looking summer squash and introduced himself and his wife. SWEET! Guess what we’ll be having for dinner?

Okay, so now check this out. Those who know me best know I do not like raspberries. Never have. They’re gross. And while I can handle strawberry seeds (love love love strawberries btw) I don’t like raspberry seeds. Anyway, we were at the garden and there’s this huge, out-of-control raspberry bush that has ripe berries all over it so many people passing thru love to snack on them. Hubby’s always told me I have to try a REAL raspberry picked off the vine. So he picked one for me to try. Uh…okay, I’ll be a big girl and try it. Of course, I had to carefully inspect the berry for anything foreign and Bessie who was there too said something about a worm (mmm…protein) but I knew there wasn’t any worm so I didn’t freak out like she had hoped but she certainly wasn’t helping! I ate it. I, Heidi, ate a fresh off the vine raspberry. I have to admit it was okay. I didn’t love it (seeds) but it wasn’t offensive, which is normally what I think of them. It was actually kinda tasty. Hmm…guess the ol’ taste buds have changed again. Just have to get over my issues is all.

Speaking of taste buds, we picked up some honeydew, which I’ve never been a fan of either. Well, have to say that I really really liked it. Not sure if it’s just because we lucked out with the perfect honeydew or if maybe my tastes have changed yet again but no matter it was yummy.

We’ve been harvesting our romaine lettuce lately. It’s amazing the taste differences between homegrown and store-bought. Homegrown has a much stronger flavor. Hubby might even think a little too strong at times. Seriously, it tastes so much different and healthier. Unfortunately, the ugly slugs find them very appetizing so we’ve had to put down some slug bait. Organic of course. It’s really disgusting to find slugs camped in between the leaves.

The various stages of our romaine:

Exciting isn't it? :)

Let’s see, our tomatoes are starting to kick it into high gear. I think we’ll have some tomatoes before the season is over. We’re behind everyone else right now on that. Our cucumbers that we tried growing again, this time with success, two of the four plants disappeared. Eaten by somebunny I’m sure. In the areas where stuff either didn’t sprout or was eaten we’ve begun again with different things. We’ve planted spinach, beets, radishes, and snap peas. Oh we did try the sunflowers again and this time most of them seem to be okay this time around.

I like to show off our yummy lunches we have at the garden from time to time so here’s some more. Peaches are in season so I ate all those pictured and hubby had some delicious cantaloupe (something I still haven’t acquired a taste for but I’m working on it).
The beautiful sky and clouds viewed from the garden. Knitted Kitty recently posted some cool cloud pictures from Texas you should check out. I love clouds.

I’ll be seeing you all on your blogs over the next day or two. Hope everyone has a great week!

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