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>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I snagged this from my SIL’s blog. It looked harmless enough until it caused me to think! ;)

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:

*Going to the chapel to see my nephew and his fiancée get married! (that line doesn't work into a song like I had hoped)
*Harvesting our garden
*Visiting family out of state
*Seeing my sister!

Four joys in my life:
*My family
*Photography (new hobby as of late)
*Making new friends

Four movies I've watched more than once or twice:
*The Matrix Trilogy
*V for Vendetta
*Little Miss Sunshine
*The Wedding Singer (I’m not ashamed to admit it – ha ha!)

Three fears:
*Fear of the unknown/uncertainty/instability
*Family getting hurt (same as my SIL)
*Chopping off a finger (gotta be careful with those knives!)

Four favorite foods:
*Anything with avocadoes, especially homemade guacamole
*Coocoonuts (I'm cuckoo for coocoonuts!)
*Everything else that doesn’t include foods I don’t like – cop out? Okay, how about my fave at the moment then, watermelon

Three goals I've set for myself:
*Reach the weight I was at when hubby and I first started dating
*Finish reading the book “Wicked” (it's taking me forever!)
*Organize my huge pile of papers

Four TV shows I watch:
*America’s Next Top Model
*Amazing Race
*What Not to Wear (and so many others, depending when they’re on)

Three current obssessions:

Four places I've visited:
*Tijuana (I saw a mule painted as a zebra – LOL)
*Victoria, BC
*Vancouver, BC
*Las Vegas (I really need to get out more)

Three places I'd like to visit:
*Mexico (oh whoops, that’s four – oh well – be lucky I stopped there!)

Four random facts about me:
*I’m left handed (must be in my right mind…har har har)
*I’m the youngest of four
*I like to get crafty and artsy from time to time
*Not a fan of public speaking (maybe I should’ve put that as a fear)

Four embarrassing facts:
*Learned about Ash Wednesday the hard way (foot in mouth...).
*Tripping/falling – in fact I did this at the garden the other day and yes, someone saw me! "Hey, are you okay?" Uh, yeah, just bruised my ego is all.
*This is part embarrassing and part stupidity but I cut my hand in between my fingers with scissors while cutting up a credit card. Required four stitches. Nice.

*As a teenager got caught toilet papering a cute boy’s house

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