Are You Ready for Some Raw Fu?

>> Thursday, July 31, 2008

Try singing the title of my post to "Are you ready for some football?" Too weird? Too silly? Get used to it. hee hee!

I am about ready for the start of this challenge tomorrow. I'm not too worried about how it'll go. Or maybe I should? I did have more than my fair share of cooked food prior to the lead up which isn't good nor was it my intention but I am ready to put it behind me for at least 100 days. You know that seems like a long time but how quickly time will fly no doubt.

Special thanks to my
sis who has been supportive of my and Yardsnacker's healthful ways and to support us even more she is doing her own personal 100-day challenge alongside us. And it goes without saying that hubby is also very supportive. To all of you who are on board with Raw Fu or are cheering me and the others on from your corners of the world, much appreciation goes out to you. Having all of this support and encouragement will go a long way in this challenge.
It's been fun being a part of the Raw Fu community at the very least because everyone is just so happy and excited for this. Huge difference with this forum is that everyone has the same purpose; not necessarily the same challenge or goals but the reason we're there is the same. Major kudos go to Bunny Berry for being our Raw Fu-earless (?) leader and organizing this challenge to be encouraging and fun. Woo hoo! Contests!

Now, if only I could get the two people I work with to jump on board with me - they think I've gone completely bonkers. Heh, they thought I was a little bonkers to begin with (ha!) and then I told them last year I was eating a lot of living foods (insert crickets here) and then the other day I told them I was going all raw, all vegan. I got in return "better you than me" and "why" with plenty of shakes of the head. They have no idea what to think of me. But it's all good. They're actually very supportive in their own way even if they don't understand it. We tease each other about all of this. Any time they have to travel someplace I ask them if they want any raw restaurant recommendations.

My exercise challenge so far has been pretty good. I started Monday and worked out on Tuesday but missed yesterday so I'll be sure to workout tonight. Trying to transform this body of mine inside and out. Can't imagine what it'll be like combining raw foods with exercise. Not at the same time of course. ;)

Here's to the 100-day Raw Fu Challenge! Cheers and HI-YA!

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