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>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

Remember this post, when I shared with the WORLD my results of the Blog Readability Test, which was labeled Junior High? Yeah, well, check this out. I took this very difficult test again today and here are my new results:

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

This one's a keeper! My mama's gonna be proud!

Thanks to my fellow genius blog buddy, TheAnnieWithin, who suggested when entering your blog address to use the url for a specific day's post. Well, me being the lazy one (I cram) just entered my plain ol' address because honestly with all my (ahem) intelligent posts how could I pick just one? But hey whaddya know? My blog is now GENIUS level! Did I get like super smarter or sumpin?! Did my writing really improve (I cried for days the first time around) or is it because I've been including a lot of pictures lately? Because you know, having lots of pictures is smart! I dunno the reason but I think I'll keep my new results. For those who received elementary status the first time may want to demand a redo.

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