Jail Birds

>> Monday, July 14, 2008

If you’ve ever gardened you know the various challenges you face. It’s a gamble really. Some things just don’t sprout, some things fall to disease from bugs or get eaten by them. And of course, there are voles, squirrels, deer, bunnies, birds, etc.

Some weird bug:

Some weird bug crawling up a blade of grass:
With the birds, it’s easy to blame the crows for everything because they’re always hanging around. They squawk and squeak to each other because they’re watching your every move. They know when/where you’re planting. They’re smart and crafty even though when I’m frustrated I call them stupid birds. One of them dug up one of our newly planted squash seeds and ate the inside of it. Just left the evidence lying around for us to discover. Nice. These guys need to be locked up.
Well, how about this little guy? Isn’t he sweet and cute? Just an innocent robin right? Wrong! This guy is on my Most Wanted List. I actually caught him in my neighbor’s strawberry patch pecking away at a berry then has the noive (nerve) to run thru our garden and stop at our strawberry patch to eat a berry! In front of me. He’s looking at me. Does he think I don’t see him? Or is he just taunting me? Neener neener! You can’t catch me! Grr. I don’t even know how many strawberries we lost to robins. I agree those strawberries were tasty but I was hoping they’d be all for us and that we’d harvest a lot but so many were gnawed on by the robins and slugs. Thanks guys! Just help yourself! The thing is they don’t finish them off. They just leave this nice looking berry with a gaping hole in it. And of course, when they come back they find the other good ones; they don’t finish off the ones they started. A robin also helped himself to our one lonely tomato. Could’ve at least finished it instead of wasting a lot of it. Stupid bird.

Before robin:
After robin:
It’s so hard to be mad at the bunnies. They really are so stinkin cute! Even the mature ones. I haven’t caught one in either of our gardens – I’m sure they’ve hopped by but I don’t think they’ve done anything to our gardens. I mean some of the rabbit faves like lettuce, untouched. They could’ve snacked on some of our earlier seedlings that seem to have gone POOF! But these guys I always end up forgiving. I get so excited when I see bunnies and like to take lots of pictures of them so here you go:

How cute is this? The bunny is cleaning himself before dinner.

WARNING! Nudity! ha ha! Just bunny buns. So cute!

Now, hummingbirds are NOT jailbirds. They are wonderful to see whether in flight or hanging out. I love watching them chase each other. We’ll be working on putting up a couple of hummingbird feeders soon. They are amazing.

How about them eagles? Again, not a jailbird. They’re not interested in our raw veggie garden that’s for sure. But anyway, we saw a bald eagle fly overhead. I tried taking a picture but he wouldn’t stop and say cheese!

I have more garden updates to do so I hope to get around to that this week. Maybe I’ll make it Garden Week.

And to update you guys on the Pico situation, we still don’t have him but we are going to check with the pound this week in hopes of adopting him. Pray for Pico!

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