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>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

As you're probably aware I recently signed up for the upcoming 100-day raw fu challenge. Many of you have signed up also (there's almost 700 people last count!), which makes me really excited and motivated about this challenge. I'm looking forward to making new friends, giving and receiving support, learning from each other and just having fun.

For today's post I want to document how I got to this point and my plans for the challenge.

I'll admit I was hesitant to join the challenge because I thought I had to be 100% all the time. Actually, to be truly honest, I didn't think much about it therefore, I had no plans on joining because I figured I was good enough where I was at. Well okay, for the most part but I'll explain that later. It took Lindsay's question of "Are you gonna come sign up to do the 100 day challenge? If just for the community??" that got me thinking about this challenge. Of course, I love to socialize (duh) so what's another raw community to sign up with?! :) We love the ning network right guys? hee hee! Anyway, if I joined I'd see all my friends there and could cheer them on but I also started thinking about what to accomplish in the 100 days.

Even though I was thinking I was fine where I was at with my raw food journey so far (med-hi/high raw on average) challenging myself to do better was what I needed to do. So my goal is aiming to be higher raw or possibly all raw while being 100% vegan* for the 100 days. Now, that is something I've never done before. I also plan on following LolaBloom's footsteps of incorporating exercise or some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. I plan on doing this 4-5 times a week (and no, I won't be biking with Sam - I don't have a bike yet but when I do WATCH OUT!).

*I am excluding honey from this, also I will still be using all forms of spices and balsamic vinegar, which is cooked. I figure these are consumed in such small quantities no sense in eliminating them plus I'm just not that hard core.

What I expect to accomplish from this challenge is finally reaching goal #1 I've had in place for awhile of losing some excess weight. I've basically plateaued or sometimes I fluctuate between a few pounds so nothing's really moving much. GOTTA BUDGE THE PUDGE! Once I've reached my goal, which is about 10 pounds, I'll work on my next weight goal. I don't want to say I have to lose x amount of pounds because I want to be more focused on being healthy and not what the scale tells me so I'm doing it in stages.

In the end I hope to be more fit and healthy inside and out. I also want to learn more about food and their properties and master more yummy culinary dishes (we just bought The Best of Raw Freedom Community ebook). Making new friends in the process is a BONUS!

I want this to be a positive and fun experience for me. No guilt, no anger if I oops. Flexibility, forgiveness and patience instead. I'm hoping this challenge will enable me to make some positive, permanent changes that will help me now and in the long run.

Raw Fu challenge, here I come! Let's go with the flow!

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