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>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I was driving to our garden this evening to pick up hubby. He bikes to and fro normally but a thunderstorm had rolled thru so not wanting to be a lightening rod called me for a pick up.

Remember me telling you about our community garden also having a food bank garden for Hopelink?

Cue up Twilight Zone music...

Now get this...on my way to the garden I was behind a car with one bumper sticker:

Okay, that's not the actual bumper sticker so it wasn't that huge but it simply said, Food. Home. Help. Hopelink (helping people. changing lives).

Well, I thought that was interesting to see. I began to assume this individual was going to the garden too but no they weren't. I also wondered how they were familiar with the charity, if they volunteered or donated goods and/or food.

So now on my way home from the garden I was behind a different car with the same bumper sticker!

Keep in mind, it's not a bumper sticker I see everyday. In fact, I never have until today and I saw it twice.

Wouldn't you say that was synchronicity? What is the message being delivered to me? Maybe it'll become more clear later but for now I think of it as a confirmation of the good program itself and the help I can provide at the garden. And now that hubby is assistant to the coordinator my involvement will be more important. This is a great opportunity for me, for us, to become more involved in our community and those who could use a little extra help.

And hey, did you catch the connection/play on words with the title? I'm clever like that sometimes. hee hee!

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