Let’s Make a Toast

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

I recently made the Almond Toast from the Café Gratitude book. Whoa! Are these puppies good! Not that I eat puppies mind you but these toasts do have a crunch and texture like toast.

The first time I made these they were half eaten by hubby, who obviously loved them, so there wasn’t enough left to do anything with them. Not that I cared; they made great snacks. I made them again, a double batch, with the intention of making half the plain version and the other half the rosemary version but was too lazy to do the rosemary one as it was getting late in the evening when I was doing this. Again, I missed out on doing anything more with these than eating them with salads or as snacks. My intention is that for next time is to make the tomato-basil bruschetta topping for these. You know it’s gotta be good! Serve them up as an appetizer to zucchini pasta with pesto…oh now, that sounds divine.

I did the lazy-man’s way of dehydrating these. My M.O. if you will. You’re supposed to take the mixture and make a loaf or a log and then cut half-inch slices or something like that but instead I just spread the mixture out on teflex sheets like I would for crackers and cut squares and dried them that way. Worked for me! Maybe one day I will make them the way they're supposed to be made. They'd probably look a whole lot nicer.

Please excuse the lack of appetizing presentation in the photo but this is all that was left of the first batch so I tossed them in a bowl and snap! and as I mentioned I didn’t do anything with them except eat them.

If you have this raw recipe book and haven’t yet made these almond toasts, I *highly* recommend doing it now - there's other yummy variations of this recipe besides the rosemary one. Or if you’re remotely curious about the book you can check it out at the library. It’s worth owning IMO.

Enjoy your week!

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