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>> Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I spotted this meme from Rawleen's blog today and thought I'd play. For any of you reading this feel free to tag yourself if you want (not limited to raw fooders-FYI). :)

Since raw foods are mainly found in our house, I, too, am omitting the obvious gadgets from this list (i.e. Vita-Mix, juicer, food processor and dehydrator).

List 5 kitchen gadgets you can't live without:

food saver - we use both the bags and the containers. This is a handy tool for freezing seasonal or bulk fruits and veggies or storing leftovers. We also use the containers to store more fragile things like breads or crackers. Of course, we still use ziploc baggies but this works way better keeping things fresh.

2. salad spinner - well to spin our clean greens dry with! I *love* this thing! Even before my high-raw days I'd use this to spin fresh peas (actually the frozen ones) prior to making my family favorite pea salad. Anyway, this is handy to dry off the greens with or anything else that needs a spin-dry.

3. biokleen wash - okay, so maybe this isn't a "gadget" but oh this is very handy! This coincides with #5 too. Squirt a little bit of this in the bowl, fill it up with clean water (preferably filtered or pure water) and soak your fruits and veggies for a couple of minutes. Cleans off any unwanted residue, dirt, wax, etc. from your produce.4. green bags - do you not have these yourself??? Perfect to use after cleaning that produce to keep from spoiling any time soon. They really do work. The only time I've found they don't help much is with tomatoes and/or strawberries. Those are clean as you go IMO. But everything else we've used them for seem to work. They're great for washed up greens.

5. big bowl to wash veggies w/veggie brush - well see #3! Our big stainless steel bowl is always nearby for scrub-a-dub-dubs of the veggies.6. garlic press - Rawleen also listed this as a must-have gadget but have to agree with her it's a must-have for me as well. I love love love garlic and we have guacamole a lot (just had some tonight and last night too!) so this comes in handy quite often.7. veggie peeler ---> click here to see some fun ones (but I ain’t payin’ that!!). - Well, what can you say about this little guy? Not only does he peel my veggies free of unwanted outer layers he also makes my squash look like fettucinni! We did invest in a spiralizer (future post) but before that this is what we used for making zucchini pasta dishes.

Call me a meme rebel for listing MORE than 5 things! Gonna tell the meme police on me? ha ha!

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