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>> Saturday, June 21, 2008

You asked now I answer. An indepth review of those green bags I had previously mentioned.

  • What are those green bags?
  • How do they work?
  • How long do they work?
  • Where to get them?
Green bags are great for storing all of your fresh produce to make them last longer. I had heard about them but first tried them when I was a customer of an organic delivery service and since it was the first place I knew of that had them I gave them a whirl.

One of the great things about these bags is they are reusable. I forgot to explain that to hubby in the beginning so some were mistakenly thrown away after one use. Whoopsie.

Using these bags you'll be saving your produce while saving money on disposable ziploc bags (if you use them), although, we're starting to reuse some of those too. No sense in wasting them each time if you can help it. Saving = yay! But the produce bags really work at keeping the various fruits and veggies fresh longer.

How? Well, according to legend they are made with Oya, a natural mineral form of zeolite that absorbs and removes damaging gases (i.e. ethylene gas) which are released from fruits and veggies after harvesting. Okay, I'll take your word for it, Ms. Debbie Meyer.

They last for multiple uses. I haven't determined how many times for me personally but the box says 10x. I just use them until they seem pretty hammered.

I have learned from personal experience that with some produce the bags are quite ineffective. For instance, strawberries and tomatoes. I believe that both of these fruits are better without the green bags and should just be cleaned as you need them.

What they are great for are apples, peppers, cucumbers and GREENS, lots o'greens. Green bags for clean greens, including romaine. When I come home from grocery shopping, I try to do all of the washing and prepping at once, especially the greens and then store them in the bags just to make things easier during the week.

To find these, of course, they can be found online...what can't be found online?! As I mentioned above I first got these from my local organic delivery service so if you utilize a delivery service check out their product list for these. I have since found these at my local Rite-Aid; a box of 20 (10 small bags and 10 large bags) costs about $10.

I totally sounded like an informercial huh? TV here I come! ha ha! Actually, I just like the bags. :>

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