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>> Monday, April 4, 2011

Howdy kids! Hopefully, you had a good weekend. As usual, it wasn’t long enough but my weekend was good. Not too busy which was nice.

Saturday we had wacko typical spring weather where we had rain squalls throughout the day so in between we had some sun breaks and even hail. Sunday’s weather was better. Sorta. It didn’t rain, if that counts. It was cloudy, a little breezy at times, and cold. We spent a few hours at the community garden. I didn’t do much there other than get my ego stroked from people telling me how smart YS2 is and chase after him everywhere! He’s a quick one that little guy. We met hubby’s brother, Matt, there. Caleb is enamored with Matt. In fact, the day before all during dinner, he kept saying “Ma’h!” (said like Matt but without the T – a hard short H sound instead). We took this as a hint to call Matt and invite him out to the garden. I’m sure you wanted to know all that…

Did you know that Sam is on the community garden board again? He took last year off (aka not opting to run which surprised/disappointed many people – time was/is precious with a wee one you know) and just simply gardened. Er, tried to. Ha! He still had people coming up to him asking him this or that like he was still on the board (he was VP last time). About a month or so ago, a board member resigned so they were short a member. Sam was “encouraged” to toss his name into the ring for consideration (I’m telling ya: he was missed!) and after the other board members met to vote, he was welcomed back. No surprise, of course. Now, he’s being “encouraged” again to consider running for President when elections happen in a couple of months. He’s a shoe-in if he decides to take that responsibility on, IMO. We’ll have to see what happens.

my soon-to-be herb garden
Since the weather wasn’t ideal on Saturday but we didn’t want to stay cooped up inside we ran garden errands. I want an herb garden for at home so we picked up a nice size cedar box to get started. We also picked up some lettuce starts to include. We’ll be growing plenty at the garden but I like to have some within easy reach at home too. I’ve got a chocolate mint ready to go and from seed I’d like to plant some parsley, thyme, basil, and whatever else yet to be decided. Hmm, might have to get a second planter.

Farmer YS2 ready to go!
So Sunday, as mentioned, was spent at the garden. YS2 had his boots on (I need to find mine) so he was free to splash in the puddles and walk in mud, which out here can’t be helped most of the time anyway. I just didn’t have to keep telling him no or distracting him. Hee hee! Unfortunately, his boots are still a little big so they’d fall off when I picked him up. One time, we were way down the path before it registered that he was telling me, “boo! Boo!” (aka boot). His boot had fallen off and I wasn’t paying attention. Whoopsie.

Sam and Matt didn’t really get to do much at our garden space; it was mainly spent helping others and re-measuring a few plots. It’s amazing how some garden plots seem to encroach on neighboring plots and paths…

YS2 was getting hungry so we made a pit-stop at Whole Foods. How convenient it’s less than a mile away. So is Chipotle but opted for WF instead. Anyway, we walked in and I saw this girl hosting a sample table for my favorite donut: Mighty-O. Believe me, they are a tasty treat and honestly no one would know they were vegan if you didn’t tell them. Some people get weird when you do (I know from experience). Anyway, I had to do a double-take because she looked familiar. Embarrassed to say it’s been a couple years or more since I’ve seen her. I’m sure I looked just lovely, too, coming from the garden, dried banana on my coat, hair all wild and no makeup. She’d probably say big deal but it’s funny how one can suddenly feel insecure. Sometimes it’s all so silly.

Mighty-O yummy sprinkles - source

Anyway (love all the tangents?), it was Sara Beth. She works for Mighty-O and get this, is a TV star. :)She is representing Mighty-O on Food Network’s Food Network Challenge: Donut Champions. It airs this Sunday, Apr 10, 2011, 8:00 PM ET/PT. I tried getting the early scoop from her as to who wins but she was good and didn’t reveal anything. You bet I’ll be tuning in to watch! She’s battling another Seattle donut shop, Top Pot, plus a couple others. Of course, I’m rootin’ for Sara Beth and Mighty-O. And no matter the outcome, Mighty-O’s are still my favorite pastry treat. They’re not just for breakfast you know. :)

To finish out the weekend, I managed to get a couple of things into the dehydrator: cheesy kale chips (those seem to be made quite a lot these days) and Lisa’s (Raw on $10 a Day) onion bread. YS2 was a bit crabby when he saw all those trays going in and he couldn’t have anything just yet. Patience little one. Patience. Like I’m one to talk.

The onion bread is tasty – thanks Lisa! And don’t worry Raw Loulou, I’ll still be making yours too. I just now have two kinds I can make. Both are easy and both are tasty so depending on your mood or ingredients on hand they’re great to have in your recipe box.

Thanks to Kelli for inspiring me to finally make the onion bread. I hope to make the mock tuna recipe soon that she posted recently. Her presentation of it is simply mouth-watering and I have a feeling lil YS2 will love it. If not, I’ll have lunch!

Hopefully, you’ve seen my two giveaways going on. Soon you could look extra pretty in a dress from Shabby Apple while whipping up some goodies using Tropical Traditions’ Coconut Cream Concentrate. Er, maybe instead just enjoying a tasty treat so you don’t get your dress dirty.

♦Enter here for the pretty dress from Shabby Apple.
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Thanks for tuning in.

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