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>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring that is. My belly-achin' (as my mom would say) paid off. We had a gor-jus spring day today. YS2 and I took an extra long walk it was so nice. Keep 'em coming Mother Nature!

A couple of beauty shots from our walk:

I took more pics of different flowers but they're all blurry. It's hard taking pictures when holding a toddler! Where we were I couldn't put him down without fear of him running off. So two snapshots are all you get. I think they're pretty even if they're from the same type of plant (a holly-type bush).

image source
So the other day I received a case of POM Wonderful. Prior to now, I had never tried it; one of those I always passed by. I actually meant to make something that involved POM juice but never did as we just kept grabbing a new bottle to drink. Tasty! Its tartness reminds me of cranberry or lingonberry juice but it's sweet too. I like sweet-tart juices. I'd buy it again but it's not something I have to stock my fridge with at all times. Just an enjoyable drink to have from time to time. Maybe one of these days I'll make something with it instead of just drinking it.

It's funny, the day I received the box of POM I saw an article about a town in PA that renamed itself (for a price) to POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.'s for a new documentary by Morgan Spurlock. You might know him from Super Size Me.

You can see the POM/Morgan Spurlock movie trailer here.

Crazy kids.

But it is true about the product placements and advertising...

By the way, POM did send me out the case of juice to sample however I was not asked or paid to write a favorable review. Just sayin'.

Any movies you recommend seeing? We haven't watched many so we're catching up. Right now we're adding some to our Netflix.

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