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>> Sunday, April 10, 2011

Howdy folks!

Yesterday I had my first homemade chai tea. Yum! It was made with homemade rice milk too. So good! Thanks hubby! Do you like chai? To me, it’s such a cozy drink and obviously, one I enjoy. Some versions I’ve had weren’t that great and some, like yesterday’s, are great. After my cozy drink, I then took a delicious nap. Oh yeah, life is good.

Now, forgive me in advance. This post might have a lot of YS2 in it so turn away now if too much cuteness is not on your agenda today. Also, some pics just aren't very flattering of me - a supermodel I am not. Call me vain but you know, it's the weekend and I don't really make much of an effort. Sorry. But the subject (YS2) is just too cute so I put vanity aside.

YS2’s morning did start off a little rough. He had a Trader Joe’s balloon from a couple days ago (they weren’t giving them away but they’re part of their displays so we helped ourselves to one – have you ever been to store with a tot where they weren’t giving out balloons? Hubs pointed out that it’s torture and just plain cruel - I agree.) but yesterday morning it POPPED! He had a sad. But I did think it was interesting it popped in the shape of a heart.

After YS2’s nap (and mine), we took off to run some errands and stop at a garden nursery. But first, I needed lunch. We stopped at Chaco Canyon and got a lentil burger to share. I love their lentil burger. I have had it once or twice there when it was not the best but yesterday it was THEE best! Oh man, did it hit the spot. I shared with YS2 and hubby. YS2 loves lentils but for some reason, he’s not too keen on CC’s version. He had some of the bun (he calls toast) and sprouts. I forgot he loves sprouts so it’s time to grow some at home. Instead he snacked on gluten free dry cereal, raisins and gojis (please ignore the fact his snacks are in a plastic baggie). Yes folks, he loves gojis (pronounced “go-wees” around here).

So off we went to Sky Nursery in Seattle. At this nursery, I swear we could spend hundreds of dollars there if we could. There are so many things we’d love to get!

We thought it would be fun if YS2 was pulled around the nursery in his little garden wagon. It was perfect – he loved it! Along the way he found a watering can. He loves watering cans…speaking of which, here’s a funny story involving one. At home, YS2 gets to “help” papa water the seedlings. He *loves* to help with anything but especially watering plants using the watering can. Well, one day he wanted to water so he helped himself to the watering can that was full and watered everything but the plants. Ha ha! He kept pouring water everywhere while were telling him to stop and moved in slo-mo to catch him - kids are fast, parents are slow. It was funny. So at nurseries, I have to chase him around to keep his hands off the stores’ own watering jugs. I ♥ this age (he’s almost two)!

Taking a rest on my throne…

This boy loves animals of any kind. Seriously, he wants to give a kiss to every animal he sees, including ones that aren’t real. Inside the nursery he was giving kisses to birds and frogs and here he’s giving one to this kitty statute:

We picked up some starts too. I found this strawberry (blond) start…definitely bringing this one home. I hear this kind grows like weeds (okay, this was hubs joke). Ha ha!

We also picked up a few of these bags. These are so cool. It’s a breathable fabric pot for your plants and it’s reusable – so I can plant all kinds of things in these. This is ideal for some of the more “aggressive” herbs such as my chocolate mint, where I want to keep them under control. [Edited to add link to pics of dirt bags in use.]

Want some of your own? I'm going to give away a set of three 1-gallon reusable planting pots (aka dirt bags) by to TWO people. These bags promote vigorous plant growth, manage plant temps by keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter, no root circling, and also with the breathable fabric it provides superior drainage and aeration. Great for small spaces - container gardening, patio gardening, etc.

Since I'm sponsoring this giveaway myself I have to limit this to the US only. If interested in, let me know below in the comments. If you want extra entries, leave a separate comment for mentioning this on your blog, tweet, or facebook.

Giveaway will end Thursday, April 21st at 9:00 PM west coast time. Again, US only; two winners. [Giveaway has ended]
So today is the day I put together my herb garden. Yay! I think I’ve got everything I need to put it all together. I’m so excited to get this going and see my little garden come to life.

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