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>> Thursday, April 28, 2011

I stalk many a blog. I’ve got my blog roll, but there are many others I visit that I don’t have listed or I’m subscribed to via email. Btw, to those who’ve added the email feature to their blogs, thanks! Love it! When there are recipes or ideas I want to keep, saving them in email is so much easier – plus I can keep up or catch up better this way than with google reader. IMO. Anyway…ramble ramble…

One of those blogs I stalk is Sarah’s of My New Roots. I’ve caught myself on more than one occasion drooling over her various creations.

Hmm…do I dare pass along a HiHoRosie Blog Fave badge to her even though she has no clue as to who I am or what the deal is about an HHR Blog Fave award anyway? Ah, sure, why not! It’s just a little token of appreciation or recognition to a blog I really enjoy. She, nor anyone else I’ve bestowed a badge to, is obligated to accept, display, or acknowledge this award in any way. I only share it right here with you. If she, or anyone else, happens to stumble upon my humble blog and see this token of honor (it is an honor of some sort, right?) then great but I won’t grovel or beg for the person to come take a look-see and then feel obligated to do who knows what with it.

Anyway, so many things I’ve spied I want to try. Have you seen the raw brownie?

Or the chocolate fudge?

I’ve made her chocolate shake.

Hmm, I see a theme here…

Besides chocolate though, there’s this chickpea salad with a chipotle mango dressing that looks amazing.

And a lentil salad (best ever? gotta try it).

And sweet potato hummus.

Her blog is mostly vegan and some raw foods. A mix of interesting recipes that would appeal to many, whether omni- or herbi-.

While stalking her blog one day, one recipe she shared of her friend’s jumped out at me that I just had to had to make (the double “had to’s” wasn’t a typo): Kickin’ Chickpeas.

Because I knew YS2 would want these (um, hello! this snack involves chickpeas AND pistachios – automatic love right there) I had to make them less “kickin’” so there’s barely a dash of cayenne in the ones I made, otherwise these were kickin’ in every sense of the word.

One cup equals a lot of shells! Worth it though.

I know she suggests letting them cool before inhaling snacking but really I couldn’t help myself. Be warned if eating them right from the oven the pistachios are still a little soft so you may want to practice patience and let them cool. When they’ve cooled a bit, they’re perfect. The inhaling begins.

My only thing is if you don’t manage to finish these off right away I find they don’t keep very well. Not sure how to handle storage on these – maybe reheating them up again in the oven or maybe using a foodsaver??? Or maybe I did something wrong for them to not stay somewhat crunchy longer? (that could’ve happened for sure.) Anyway, still tasty but the chickpeas dry out and the pistachios are soft by the next day; fortunately, I didn’t have many left over so I didn’t think it was a big deal. Next time though, I might half the recipe. They’re easy to make and so good with thyme just not as good with time. Har har! Oh man, I crack myself up.

Really, this post was supposed to be short and sweet featuring the kickin’ chickpeas I made but turned into an "Ode to My New Roots" instead. Oh well, thanks for reading about one of my obsessions.

Do you have a favorite blog that you stalk often (well, besides mine of course!)?

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