Happy Birthday, Blog!

>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today is my blog’s 3rd birthday! Yeehaw! Ah, it seems like only yesterday I wrote my first post. ::sigh:: It’d be fun to look back at some of the old Blogger comments but Disqus overrode them and I’m not sure how to fix that (if anyone knows how to export/import comments from one commenting system to another I’m all ears!).

My blog and I have been through many changes and ups and downs over these past three years. I’ve also come in contact with some incredible people. You.

I want to express my appreciation for everyone who’s stopped by my blog, especially the regulars. I appreciate and love the support. So many times I’ve thought about hanging up the keyboard but I never can seem to stay away too long.

I have to admire other bloggers who blog regularly. See, I couldn’t even get today’s post up earlier! Ever since becoming a mommy (my greatest achievement!) it’s been even more of a challenge to blog but that’s okay; I’m actually not complaining. As you know, writing a blog is a time-consuming process and for those who manage to keep up their awesome blogs daily I am in awe. Well, except for Dooce. That IS her job (lucky).

One thing I do do regularly is commit a blog no-no. One is supposed to keep their readers on their blog and not refer them so much away from their blog. Can’t help it though. Too much good content out there. Too many good blogs. I like to share the wealth you could say.

With my blog, my aim wasn’t ever to be most popular, inspirational, funny, educational, have the most amazing photos, or even most comments (although, I do love comments!) because if it was I’d be depressed right now (*wink*). But seriously, my aim has been to share a little bit of me with whoever stopped by. So my blog’s all over the board with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I figure it's my blog I'll write about what's relevant to me at the time - some people have made it known they don't like that but for those of you still here, it appears you don’t seem to mind. Thank you.

I do have to say thank you thank you thank you for the recognitions I have received over the years. No matter who it’s from it’s always an honor especially when I see the company I’m with. Here’s the latest one I received from TreadmillReviews.net.

I've also enjoyed hosting giveaways. I don't want my blog to become all about giveaways but they're fun once in awhile and I love making someone's day. Can you believe my first giveaway was for a Vitamix 5200??? Yeah, it's true. How they found me or even decided on me to host I'll never know but hey it was fun.

Much of what I tend to write about is more fluff with some (hopefully) helpful, educational tidbits here and there. One thing about me is I’m all about fun and happy times – keeping things light and drama left at the door.

So where am I going with all of this? I don’t know exactly but I did want to acknowledge today’s milestone, albeit a little late, and thank you for being a part of it. You’ve encouraged me to keep going not just with my blog but with other things too.

When I first started my blog it was mainly about raw veganism and recipes and stuff. I still value those things (including the “stuff” – I’m so eloquent sometimes) and like to keep it present here. I’m not perfect with my lifestyle and eating choices but it’s important to me, I believe in it, and something I still strive for.

No matter how long I decide to blog I hope I’ll enjoy it every step of the way and hope to keep coming in contact with more amazing people. Some of you I’d even call friends even though we’ve never met. That’s the rewarding part in all of this.

I’d offer you cake and ice cream if we were all here celebrating but have a virtual one instead...er, cupcake.


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