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>> Monday, February 21, 2011

So I made kale chips again this weekend. And AGAIN they’ve been snarfed before being completely dry. Ah well. That just means they were tasty right? But seriously, I need help keeping my paws away. I just don’t have the patience to wait for such tasty things, I guess. What will I ever do when I make an ice cream cake or something?!

It'd be silly to think there'd ever be pictures...

recycled pic from last time
My cheesy kale chips consists of taking a cup of cashews (soaked or unsoaked – I’m typically lazy or forgetful so I don’t soak most times), a third cup of nutritional yeast, juice from half a lemon, half of a sweet red bell pepper, one garlic clove, one teaspoon of Celtic sea salt, half to a whole teaspoon of pure maple syrup (or agave), and one to two tablespoons of (filtered/spring) water (optional). Then blend it all up till smooth and massage onto kale pieces. I dry at 115 in my dehydrator until well, I never get that far. Until crispy dry if you’ve got the will power. :)

You know what I fear? That a recipe I’ve adapted as my own is exactly like someone else’s out there and I just don’t know it. So I hope I didn’t inadvertently swipe someone else’s recipe. Good thing I don’t make music for a living…

image source
This weekend was spectacular in the weather department. Sort of. My only issue was it was a bit chilly (40’s). That’s okay, we still got out and enjoyed the sunshine. Yesterday, we went to our garden plus took a stroll through the dog park. YS2 hearts dogs so this was a real treat for him. He knows how to say dog (d-d-dog!) but usually when he sees one he prefers to make little howling/woofing sounds. It’s so cute!

Anyway, as we were strolling around, I’m bundled up in my parka plus gloves; YS2 is bundled up and layered underneath his coat, plus his hat with ear flaps and mittens because the breeze is cold! Pretty much everyone else is dressed the same. The more brave souls are simply wearing sweatshirts. Except one crazy, ahem, courageous girl who’s wearing shorty shorts. Uh….[robot voice] “does not compute.” I can’t even begin to fathom her thought process on choosing what to wear that day.

I need another weekend of busy in the kitchen because I have a growing list of things I want to try, many of which are courtesy of you. I just need to make a shopping list. I’m out or low on some very important ingredients. Plus I have to plan things around my baby naps and play time.

I had intentions of trying out a buckwheat pizza crust from Ani Phyo’s book but I have to admit I’m a little nervous to. I like buckwheat in things or when it’s sweetened up but as the star of a savory pizza crust it’s making me a little hesitant. My excuse for not following through is no flax seeds. I really need some of those. A definite staple. Anyway, I hope to try this recipe soon and will let you know how it goes once I do. If any of you have, how’d it go/taste?

My blog’s birthday celebration continues on this week. I posted all the giveaways at the top of my sidebar. Check it out and enter away!

I have more ramblings but I’ll spare you for now.


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