Weekend Recap: Busy in the Kitchen

>> Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hola! It's funny. I had this post all ready to go yesterday morning but realized I forgot my usb cord and of course, none was to be found elsewhere. Oh well. I suppose now I can update some things.

Another weekend flew by but it was fun. Plus, YS2 and I were able to get out and enjoy a little sunshine.

My walking buddy all bundled up

On weekends I try to take advantage of the extra time to get a little creative in the kitchen or just try something new. So this weekend I tried some new things plus one not so new.

First I made some lentil burgers - a good basic recipe that has potential with different spices. It was good as is; I mean we all enjoyed them especially YS2 but then he's always loved lentils. Sorry I don't have pics of them but then I didn't make them picture worthy so you're not missing out. Mine were a little crumbly than I would've liked. There are some other variations I want to try that look incredible.

I made Raw LouLou's onion bread. I've been craving these since she posted her recipe and it's been so long since I've had onion bread that I couldn't wait to make them. I've never made them before, hubby has, so I wasn't sure what I was doing (i.e. what they should look like or how thin/thick to spread them). Boy, they smelled amazing! I subbed the nama shoyu for Bragg's. I would've used Coconut Aminos but we were low. Loulou, I hope I did ya proud! ;) YS2 loved them! Time for some sandwiches with some avocado.

I made some extra cheesy kale chips; this is nothing new for me as I've made them several times before. Keeping kale chips in the dehydrator until they're done is nearly impossible for me, however I tried really hard to resist. I must confess a few limpy chips made their way into my mouth - they sure tasted good! Success though, I had crispy cheesy chips to indulge when fully dried. Now, if only I could make extra for others to try (I'm selfish that way).

And of course, YS2 enjoyed licking the bowl and the spoon - I'd share (yet another) pic of him in action but he's in constant motion so all the pics are blurry. He loves kale but it's still hard for him to chew it raw even with all his chompers but in chip form, oh yeah, he begs for them. But, who wouldn't with all that cheesy goodness?

Then I also made some vegan mac n'cheese from Megan at Healthy Hoggin'. I love mac n'cheese and seem to be making all different variations of it. Again, no pics but I wish I had taken some. Not because I made it picture-worthy but because it was just that good no matter how it's plated. I wish I had broccoli to add to it but instead I used green beans. Not real fancy with green beans but it was still snarfalicious. I increased the water a little bit and tossed in a little extra nooch to cut back on the saltiness a bit but otherwise, no changes. Well, unless you want to count the noodles. I used some weird shape that were veggie flavored. Oh and I skipped the baking part as I didn't have time. Anyway, it was a HUGE hit with everyone and can't wait to make it again (with broccoli)...and again...and again...

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Check out this fun video - here classical meets drums. Enjoy!

Have a good day!

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