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>> Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m sure we all have had the same experience with buying shower curtains. Shower curtains that once you bring home and open them up you have let them air out for awhile because they stink so badly from outgassing. Ugh. Please tell me I’m not the only one. Heh, I know I’m not because Rock Candy Life wouldn’t exist if that was the case.

Rock Candy Life (isn't that a fun name?) is a company who has figured out a way to bring earth-friendly and chic together in a shower curtain. Cool, huh? This makes me happy because gone are the days of putting up a new shower curtain that drives you away until it no longer stinks (or you’re used to the smell). I honestly didn’t recoil from any pungent chemical odors when I opened up the package. Ahhh!

I first learned about RCL and their awesome shower curtains from another blogger. I was impressed to find that what they offer is something I didn’t even know existed (I don’t think about shower curtains much outside of the shower). These are all 100% recyclable, 100% chlorine-free, and 100% PVC-free. They emit no gas emissions plus, curtain liners are not necessary plus, they’re pretty and plus, they’re affordable. Earth-friendly, home-friendly, pocketbook-friendly, and nose-friendly.

They currently offer three beautiful designs:

Moroccan Luxe

Royal Luxe

Whimsical Birds (my personal fave)

Now, here's where I'd post some cute pics of my bathroom with my shower curtain up. Well, the shower curtain is cute but the pics are of poor poor quality which doesn't do it justice.

See what i mean?

I got new batteries and a new charger for my camera only to find out they failed. :( So, I'm on the hunt again for more; until then, cell phone pics. Yuck!

But trust me when I say it looks good; those wrinkles will iron themselves out soon enough. They also put their logo in the bottom corner of their curtains, which I thought was a cute touch.

I’m so happy to have been introduced to Rock Candy Life (thanks Natural Mommie) and I’m willing to support a company who’s doing their part to make this planet a little bit better.

Hopefully, you liked what you saw here and will check out their website or you can shop here ($24.99 plus FREE shipping!) but you can also check them out on twitter and facebook.

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