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>> Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Friday! Hopefully your month of love is off to a good start.

Hubby and I recently picked up a couple of raw vegan desserts to try from our local market. Earth Cafe cheesecake (individual slices not the whole pie). Some of you probably have sampled these before but we usually passed on trying them because of the price tag. Justifying that we needed to celebrate something we splurged. ;)

Strawberry Fields Forever

Who's Your Daddy? (made with carob)

I've tried one of Bitt's cheesecakes before and enjoyed it but have never made one myself. Maybe I'll make that a goal this spring. Anyway, before my raw days the typical cheesecake was never that appealing to me. I liked the taste sometimes but it was never my favorite and was way too rich and made me feel icky after (I don't say that about many non-raw things but cheesecake and ice cream were too much most of the time). I will confess there were some chocolate ones that were mighty tasty but definitely far from good for me. So in the beginning I was reluctant to try raw vegan cheesecake. I mean it sounds a little odd, right?

Hoooo boy! Yum! Now, raw vegan cheesecake I can handle. Oh yeah! It's so much lighter and of course, cleaner. And you can flavor it up in different ways just like the regular cheesecake.

Back to Earth Cafe's cheesecake...I really loved eating the strawberry one but then I love strawberries. Hubs liked it too. The carob one was okay. I'm not a carob fan so I wasn't diggin this one as much - that's alright, Sam liked it.

Eating these does make me want to try my hand at making one of my own but in the meantime, this was a lovely splurge.

Since it's Friday how about something funny? Sam showed me this video last night and I was rolling! Maybe you've seen Double Dream Hands but I'd been missing out! I could waste a couple hours watching all the parodies and mashups too. For those not familiar with this video it starts out telling you this is the 'front' version....there's a version seen from the back as well. Oh my.

Have a good weekend!

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