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>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Does every first time blogger start out with this title? This is my first attempt at blogging and am still figuring things out.

The purpose of this blog is mainly about my raw food life with a few ramblings of whatnot in between. I do have a life you know! Ha ha!

I began eating raw (partially) since July 2007 along with my hubby. He has since become 100% raw vegan while I'm at about 65%-100% raw, depending on the day, week, etc. I'd say I'm more 70% during the week and the weekend 95%-100%. I don't punish myself or feel terribly guilty if I don't eat all raw. It's just where I'm at right now and I'm content with that. Things can change however. :) For instance, I have thought about doing a juice feast but on a small scale. While many raw foodies challenge themselves to a 90+ day juice fast I'm not that crazy!!! For me, start out ONE DAY. Maybe even up to three days. Ooooh! Now, that's crazy!

Many people don't quite understand this whole raw food "thing" but most are supportive in their own way. Some think huh? What could you possibly find to eat that is satisfying and filling? And no meat, dairy? What? It's one thing if they hear you're a vegetarian or vegan. But raw? What does that even mean?!

To me raw means good health, energy, clean, light, happiness, spirituality, organic, and etc. It also means challenge. I mean that in a good way though. No matter what avenue one takes for better health it takes commitment and time. It just does. Fortunately, my husband and I are in this together. Of course, I'm not at the same level he is so that might be a little difficult for him at times but when we're together at least we are both in it. That makes it easier and I know it makes him happy, which makes me happy. :)

The benefits received from this over the past seven months? More energy, healthier skin, sleep better (I never really had problems in this area before but have noticed I sleep more soundly now that I'm not drinking coffee [I do miss it though but I feel better w/o it oddly enough] or eating poorly before bed) and 32 POUNDS GONE! WOO HOO! I actually look forward to stepping on the scale. That has never happened before.

For not really knowing where I was going to start I think I do okay for the first time. I didn't expect to get this far.

Stay tuned! ha ha!

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