Happy Earth Day!

Every day is Earth Day.
~Author Unknown

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
~Native American Proverb

I love those quotes - two of my favorites fitting for Earth Day, which is tomorrow, April 22nd. I posted those and a bunch of others last Earth Day.

This year I’d like to share a few links, a sampling of sorts, that might be helpful and even fun, in finding ways to be green all year long. I haven't tried all of these yet but I'm posting them merely as suggestions meant to inspire and motivate. I figure any way to reduce our carbon footprint is a good thing, right?

Natural cleaning supplies you can make at home:
   Hanna Kroeger blog

Make some eco-friendly kid toys:
   Growing a Green Family

Or buy some:

Make some non-toxic bubbles for yourself the kiddies! Here’s a quick recipe:

Homemade deodorant and face scrub:
   Animal-Friendly Eating

Perfume you can customize and make yourself:
   Planet Green

Nothing worse than store-bought mouthwash! Here’s how to make your own:
   My Beauty Recipes

“Try this, Not That” facial cleansers:
   Planet Green

Homemade air freshener spray:
   Best Green Home Tips

Other ideas for fresher air:

Maybe some of you do something similar such as these or have other suggestions. If so, feel free to share.

There are the other obvious ways to be greener which I purposely didn’t get into but reusing bags when shopping, reducing plastic (glass straws anyone?), carpooling, turning off lights, unplugging appliances, composting, gardening, and etc. are all great ways to celebrate Earth Day every day.

Do you make any toys, beauty products or cleaning supplies for your home? I plan to and now have some great ideas to get started.

Enjoy your day, enjoy your planet.


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