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>> Monday, November 15, 2010

Howdy kids!

I wanted to say thanks for all the comments and compliments on my last post. Your comments mean a lot to me and I’m thankful for each one. Not just on that post but all posts. Normally, I enjoy replying back to each one but unfortunately, my time didn’t allow me to so that’s why I wanted to thanks to all of you here and now. How’s that for timing with Thanksgiving around the corner? Ha ha! But I am being serious. You all are the best! (source)

Kinda sad though that Halloween came and went, dontcha think? I always feel bad for Thanksgiving. It comes and goes even quicker, like hurry-up-and-eat-clear-the-dishes-so-we-can-get-out-the-Christmas-decorations-and-shop-all-the-crazy-sales! Ugh. I do celebrate Christmas but I don’t like being rushed through the holidays, let alone anything else. One local radio station is already playing holiday music round the clock (totally serious – it’s 24 hours, non-stop – I have caught myself singing along so I can’t really complain all that much) and one house I passed last week had their tree up with lights ON! Seriously folks? One holiday at a time, please.

Busy times! With work, upcoming holidays and well, life in general, days seem to morph into one another and there never are enough hours in the day to fit it all in. Probably for all of you, too, I bet. It’s the reason for not being by many of your blogs lately or consistently. Sometimes all I do is lurk.

And hey, if you would be so kind as to install an email subscription for your blogs that would be great. I like subscribing and getting emails…sometimes it’s just easier for me to keep up since I don’t do Google reader much. Well, like never. Just a thought... :)

I’ve been trying to be a big girl these days by trying to like mushrooms again. Yeah, yeah I don’t like ‘shrooms. They typically taste like dirt and the texture is all wrong plus they’re a fungus. What’s to like, huh?

crimini (source)

Anyway, there was a time in my distant past when I loved mushrooms. I think we usually had the button mushrooms and I liked them marinated. Not sure I ever liked them raw but I remember not having issues with ‘shrooms in general. Somewhere along the way though I developed a serious disdain for them (see above). I’m not sure if I had a bad experience one day or was easily influenced or simply no longer liked them but it must’ve been traumatic enough that the memory or timing of it is locked away in the dungeon of my brain.

chanterelle (source)

Sam loves ‘shrooms but doesn’t have them often until recently so he’s picked up some criminis and then today, some chanterelles. My verdict? Criminis were pretty good. I didn’t looove them but I kept my gag-factor in check. The texture I could handle, too. However, the chanterelles, I must confess, I thoroughly enjoyed. Very yummy. I wasn’t diggin’ the texture (less so with these than the criminis) but the flavor wasn’t like dirt at all. I would eat these again and just ignore the texture.

See? Big girl. Proud of me?

Speaking of pride though, uh, my lil one? You know, YS2. He loves nooch! I knew he liked it because he loves my cheesy hummus with brown rice noodles. The love I’m talking about is dump some on the tray of his highchair and he dips a chubby finger in it and licks it clean. Good boy! You make mama proud!

By the way, you know how I was reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Well, I finished a week or so ago. It was hard to put down! I don’t know many people I’d recommend this to though due to the subject matter (and you know how I feel about reading it to little kids – a big FAT NO) but I don’t think I’ll be seeing the movie after all. Some visuals I can do without and having this book played out before my eyes might send me running for cover. Too disturbing. I’ll probably read the two other books in the series but will pass on the movies. Any of you like this?

Oh and today I found out from Kelly I won her soy candles giveaway. I'm so excited about that! Thanks Kelly!

Thanks for listening to my many ramblings (sometimes I just have to get it out) and hope you have a good week!

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