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>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember when I brought up copyrights? Well, a blogger friend emailed me recently about another blogger plagiarizing her. Tsk tsk.

Awhile back, my friend had written a review about a product she used and then went onto host a giveaway for said product. The naughty blogger recently reviewed (I use the term loosely here) the same product but interestingly enough, her review was nearly identical to my friend’s. When called on the carpet about it, Naughty Blogger denied it all – denied plagiarizing, denied knowing my friend or her blog, etc. My friend noticed she had one less GFC follower and Twitter follower shortly thereafter. Hmm... Naughty Blogger ended up changing some of the language after the fact but there’s still some wording that’s obviously the same. Interesting she would change anything if her claims of innocence are right.

While I don’t feel it’s my place to out publicly* the suspect and/or the victim here it does make me angry enough to say something, even if it's been said before. I highly doubt any of you reading this would ever steal from someone else’s blog knowingly (pics, text or anything else). And based on some of the comments on my copyright post, a few of you have had experience with this very issue. It amazes me that this goes on still. So blatant too. I get how pics get stolen but not text. Especially in the case of my friend where their connections are similar and would likely cross. *I also believe (assume) that most of you wouldn’t know who this naughty blogger is anyway.

I know I just talked about this but couldn’t help saying something again in defense of my friend. But what’s done is done though and hopefully Naughty Blogger learned her lesson of not stealing from others’ blogs (and hey, maybe actually use the product provided to give an honest review).

All done now…moving on…

It’s Thanksgiving people! Can you believe it?! This year is just flying by. I love this time of year though – the holidays, the food, the craziness. All I care about is stuffing. :) What are your favorite eats? Are you traveling this year? I’m staying home!

I am trying to do some prepping beforehand because it’s hard cooking/cleaning with a young one running around and working in naps in between it all. Hubby will end up doing most of the cooking so I’m just trying to help out where I can. But anyway, it’s a fun time and especially so now that YS2 is older.

We actually had some snow here – it’s so pretty (no pics, sorry)! I know, anyone outside the PNW would laugh at our snowstorms and I do too sometimes but in our defense we are barely above sea level so we’re not used to extreme temperatures plus we have hills galore. And the snow here is wet heavy stuff that turns to ice but it’s true the city pretty much freaks when one snowflake is spotted. Ha ha! But it really was/is pretty (hasn't melted yet). I hope we have a white Christmas, too.

You’ll want to check back in a day or two for a fun giveaway to jump start the holiday season but until then, hope you have fun and safe Thanksgiving!

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