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>> Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally, I'm posting some pictures from YS2's first "real" Halloween. Okay, technically this is his second Halloween but he was too little last year to go trick or treating but you can see pics of his fireman's costume here. Awww! Not really a costume but close enough.

Anyway, here he is this year dressed as The Poky Little Puppy from the Golden Seal children's books. Personally, I don't remember reading that book as a kid but Caleb loves it! And just about every other book out there. :)

Trick or treat!

It's always story time

running around like a puppy (on two legs)

Um, please excuse the scary lady pictured with the cute puppy. That would be me and I wasn't exactly camera-ready but it was Halloween so I got to be scary-looking by default. ha ha!

It was hard getting pics of this active boy in full costume (there's a tail you can't see) - I mean, getting the hat on involved trickery. There were mittens and booties that looked like paws. Believe it or not, I managed to get the booties on (one fell off during our candy rounds) but the mittens were a no way jose! It's funny but once the hat went on he didn't seem to mind it. Usually he's pulling hats off.

I took him around the 'hood to score his load (thankfully awesome weather) while hubs stayed home and waited for trick-r-treaters. Not sure we had any. Ugh. That means candy hanging around. Anyway, Caleb had fun knocking on doors once he got the hang of it. Maybe next year he'll actually say, "trick or treat!"

He had fun in his costume and going door-to-door even if he didn't quite get what Halloween was all about. And thankfully, he doesn't know candy yet so I was able to take that to work and give it away. This mama doesn't need it either.

Happy weekend!

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