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>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Hope you had a wonderful holiday (for those in the US celebrating anyway – the rest of you hopefully you had a good couple of days).

Were any of you nutty brave enough to shop Black Friday? Not me, man. I stay far far away! Too much madness and DANGER out there. Basically, I value my life and my sleep, so no thanks.

Well, there is Cyber Monday coming up. I don’t really do that either but it is safer. I’m a procrastinator. I wait till I’m in the mood to shop, or have a list, or when I know I have to. Don’t get me wrong. I love to shop but holiday shopping is a bit crazy.

Here’s a gift idea if you’re looking for one. The Raw Beauty Calendar 2011.

What it’s about (info provided by Tanya, the artist):

Raw Beauty 2011: 13 Real People Gone Raw

Passionate Montreal-based artist and raw foodie Tanya Wood and Halifax photographer Nick Rudnicki have teamed up to create Raw Beauty 2011: a Calendar featuring 13 Real People Gone Raw. These real subjects bare it all to showcase how delicious and beautiful life can be when you eat a little more raw.
  • makes the perfect gift for the health enthusiast or raw vegan
  • was created with the planet in mind
  • includes delicious healthy quick raw recipes
  • meet 13 real people who’ve gone raw and love it.
  • join the health craze that will make you radiant at any age
  • move into 2011 ready for a little more raw
Each month features the natural un-airbrushed beauty of one of 13 volunteer models, tastefully posing with seasonal produce. Inside you’ll find a short model’s story along with easy to prepare raw vegan recipes. Using only basic kitchen tools and easy to find ingredients, these recipes make for a simple introduction to raw food and encourage the extremely eco-conscious act of eating a more raw seasonal diet.

Printed on 100% FSC approved and 50% post-consumer paper using 100% vegetable inks, this calendar was created with the planet in mind. The printing and production was kept local to minimize shipping emissions.

This gift would be perfect for the health enthusiast on any holiday list, or for someone who could use a bit of healthy inspiration in 2011. And it’s certainly perfect for that impossible to buy for raw foodie! Help them start off the New Year on the road to increased energy, clear skin, sparkling eyes, healthy weight, and peace of mind. Share a taste of raw food for perfect age defying health and beauty this New Year.

For more information or to place an order, go to:

So you can have beautiful people on your wall, with some raw vegan recipes to try all while keeping track of your day-to-day activities. Sweet!

And if you’re looking for more green ideas, check out the great list my friend, Mommy Is Green put together.

Now, get ready. My next post will involve a giveaway – one perfect for the holidays.

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