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>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have any of you been following or heard about the Cooks Source backlash? I'll tell ya, I'm not (or wasn't) familiar with Cooks Source until today when I saw some angry tweets going on about them. And on facebook I guess there's even more (haven't looked myself - I got the jist).

Apparently, Cooks Source (now being referred to as Crooks Source) did a big no-no. And that is they lifted content from other sources and posted to their magazine. Based on the tweets I've seen, there's been more than one source. They believe this okay. That ANY and ALL info posted to the internet is "public domain."

You can read here where and why this all started (quick read):

Wow is all I gots to say! Seriously, who in their right mind thinks it's okay to lift material from someplace, even leaving the author's name in place, and reworking the content and posting WITHOUT permission? This isn't a recipe they reworked but an actual article. I'm floored by the response Monica received from the editor of CS.

They're obviously getting slammed on their website too because I haven't been able to access it.

Hopefully after this fiasco the editor and staff at CS know that not everything posted to the internet is up for grabs to use as they see fit.

And in case you're wondering yourself about copyright laws here's a good link.

Have you heard about this story?
What do you think of this?
Have you had any experience in this regard?

This post was just a quickie. I'll be posting Halloween pics soon!

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