Toot Toot!

>> Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have something to toot about, as in tooting my own horn. I have officially dropped two pant sizes. WOO HOO!

My current jeans were starting to fall down and looking very unflattering, like I had a saggy seat. I hate it when I have to fight my clothes either to keep them up or to untuck them from one of my rolls. Hee hee! Good fitting clothes are always flattering no matter what size and right now I have a lot of unflattering clothes so I was happy to have some jeans that fit.

An observation I’ve made recently is now that I’ve been losing weight I see MORE of my old size than before. I used to always have a really tough time finding my size in stores. Not sure what this means exactly; if it means there are more larger sizes available now or if it means now that I’ve shrunk a little I just notice my old size more. Like when you’re looking for that perfect black skirt and it’s nowhere to be found but as soon as you stop looking for it or no longer need it, it seems to be everywhere!

Anyway, I’m just enjoying the fact I’m a size I haven’t been in a long time. Wow, just typing that right now got me emotional. I’m just really happy.

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