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>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

Recently I was reading a post by Raw Girl too! about good clean living. She had mentioned having a cold and not getting enough sleep the night before. She went on write how she didn’t display the normal signs one gets from being sick and/or sleep deprived (i.e. bags/dark circles under the eyes). Could this be the result of her “good clean living?”

Her post reminded me of a similar experience I had a few weeks ago. I was a bit proud of the fact that I hadn’t gotten sick while so many people around me had been (and with some serious illnesses mind you). I don’t mean that to sound as bad as it might seem – I just meant I was really happy I hadn’t gotten sick because normally I would have. I work in a large downtown office building and use public transportation so you can see how easy it would be to pick up cooties from anywhere, from anyone!

But then, the cough started…then the sore throat…then the sleepies…ah, I realized I was starting to get sick. Bleh! Normally, when I get a cold I’m miserable. Very congested, irritable, sleepy yet can’t sleep, take every drug I can get my paws on, etc. And it usually takes a good solid week before I start to feel better and then after two weeks I’m back to normal.

Something different happened this time around. I was tired, yes. But I could actually sleep. I had one night early on that I woke up a few times to cough (so I stayed home from work the next day) but otherwise, I didn’t have a problem sleeping. And this is with NO DRUGS! I think I would’ve taken some
Zicam if I had some on hand but I didn’t. So I suffered in silence – ha ha. The sore throat didn’t amount to anything; it was only an initial symptom. I had the dry, scratchy throat but it didn’t hurt. I was congested and sluggish but I didn’t feel really bad like I normally do. I could still function, go to work (sorry people I may have shared my cooties with!), do all my normal activities and then go to bed early. My hubby was sweet and would make me tea and juices – the only “medicine” I had. After about five days I was 95%+ better. Again, ZERO DRUGS.

I truly believe that
good clean living, eating and drinking lots of FRESH fruits and veggies (before and during), and being on this raw food journey has helped me to heal quicker and naturally. My SIL even commented how I’m normally wiped out from a cold for a couple weeks and here I was all better after a week or less. I really couldn’t complain much.

I’m curious how my allergies will be this year….have to wait until summer to know.

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